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Gaining Momentum


‘Sealed with a Kiss; 2005-2010’


‘Hair’ Today‚Ķ


‘Between the Lines’


At the Intersection Between High Art and Slapstick


Silken seams proclaim and protect


‘Extravagant Fiction’


‘Au Contraire’


There is nothing like this Dane.


Office games get serious

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Artists! Sustain Thyself!

(Artist Sustainability: In April, Reader ran a feature on sustainable art, that is, art dedicated to drawing attention to social, economic and environmental issues. Beginning in May, we are publishing a two-part story on an issue even nearer and dearer to all in the creative class, artist sustainability. Part one below concentrates on non-degree colleges, programs and venues that enable especially emerging artists...

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Double Vision

The artist and gallerist Rob Gilmer created his alter ego Dressor Newton as a vehicle for asking questions as well as exhibiting new work. How is our response to a work of art shaped by our sense of the artist who created it?  How much do the conventions of art affect our view of the world around us?

Gilmer and Newton (the boundaries between the two are still being negotiated as of this writing) surfaces again at...


Being afraid of big bad wolves

A song from Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs seems an unlikely title for a dark, searing, epithet-laden play about two nasty, battling wedded protagonists. But so be it. Edward Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?  (1962) explores those craggy rocks. And evidently does it so memorably that it garnered a Tony Award for Best Play and the similar New York Drama Circle Award. Two actors in the cast also won Tonys and...

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Our Town

This Thornton Wilder classic hit Broadway in 1938, Omaha in 1939, film and radio in 1940 with Orson Welles in the stage manager role and now Nils Haaland plays that lead in the final play in the Old Market before the Blue Barn moves to its new space next fall. Over the decades, the likes of Hal Holbrook, Paul Newman and Frank Sinatra preceded Haaland on television. Here he joins a cast directed by Susan Clement...

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