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Ginsburg, Hatfield and Smith


‘A Hex, A Hoax, A Guest, A Ghost’


Swing State


Have a little priest


Cutting EDGE Design


Once Upon a Time or Two




Hot Shops Art Center


Handmade Omaha


Katie Travis’ Dream Role


SNAP! The pictures come into focus: An award-winner.

SNAP! Productions snaps to attention, taking on a British play which won an Olivier Award after its London 2009 premiere at the Royal Court Theater. It’s Cock by Mike Bartlett. Speaking of royal courts, his 2014 script King Charles III won the Critics Circle Award last year. Bartlett’s work has often been on display all over London including at the National Theatre. He also wrote The Town TV series plus BBC scripts....

City of angels

Film noir comes colored by songs.

“What is real and what is illusion?” is a question often asked, especially in theatre and films. But, of course, those life forms create illusions themselves. You may legitimately ask why is this worn-out question being asked here? This isn’t a real conversation, even if you ask that or “ Is this going to be some kind of think piece?”  Hello. This is the writer trying to connect with you.

Re writers, surely you’ve...

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Memories R US

Art is the communication of what a society thinks, experiences and feels. In our history we’ve had everything from religious figures to Campbell’s soup cans become iconography that explain our time and place.

It’s no accident that our collective memories have been shaped by images over time-whether painted and hung on a wall or sent by satellite onto a TV set. The image explains our thoughts more than words often...


‘The Look and the Longing’

Oil painter Theresa Pfarr is featured in The Look and the Longing at Modern Art Midtown’s figurative March show.  Starting with cut & paste collages based on research from fashion magazines and advertisements, suggestions of identity loss and re-development occur in this process.  

Pfarr then creates images in oils responding to the disparate paper fragments.  Edges morph, limbs distort, and paint melts into an...

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