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For Dust Thou ‘Art’….


In Good Company


Heads or Tales


Seldom Seen


‘Vertical Disintegration’


Gonzo Comic Artist


Stamp Collecting Never Looked So Good


Two for the Show




‘Subtle Surfaces’


It’s All ‘In the Bones’

            The latest show running at SNAP productions on 33rd and California Street is entitled In the Bones by Cody Daigle.  In it, a young soldier returns home from serving in Afghanistan and ends his own life while grief settles over his family and the partner he leaves behind. In a series of scenes moving ahead a year at a time, loss transforms a family and sorrow finds a home in the bones of those he left...


Great Expectations

Summer is nearly over and the sights, sounds and smells of autumns’ approach come Sept. 23 are nearly everywhere.

Vacant public swimming pools are being drained while school buses, playgrounds and classrooms fill up with kids of all ages actually glad of a change of routine, scenery and faces…at least for now.

At farmer markets everywhere, foodies are turning their noses up at corn no longer sweet and carrots more...

Otero jpg (2)

Dream Weaver

Most of us are happy to remember bits and pieces of our dreams long enough to share them soon after awaking.  We usually struggle with words to convey their bizarre settings and strange characters.

Paul Otero, photorealist and graphite artist, has not only long term recall of his dreams, but also the exacting artistic language to communicate hallucinogenic, yet realistic, details on paper. In fact, he has made a...


Art of Fusion

Modern Arts Midtown (MAM) will show full-time sculptor Chris Cassimatis In September. The exhibit, opening at 36th and Dodge Street on Friday, Sept. 4, from 6—8 p.m. features table-top sized, rather than the larger scaled stone and metal works he has shown at MAM previously.

Cassimatis remains within the classical sculpture lineage with carefully refined metal parts he has milled for specific applications along...

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