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Humor & Homage…


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Models of Imperfection

Muller mairrage game

‘Honey Mushroom Wonderfuls’

Multi-media artist Troy Muller creates objects that aspire to be something other than what they are — namely, works by an early-twenty-first-century American artist. 

Each of the objects in Honey Mushroom Wonderfuls, the mysteriously named show of Muller’s work at Modern Arts Midtown, appears to be from another time, one in which it played a cultural role that we may or may not discern.

Most frequently, this role...

Joy, steve scriptorium 2016

Everything (G)old…

Once home from travels to historic sites and architectural wonders, we struggle to capture and retain the color, light, texture and line, mood and emotion aroused by our experiences. 

We patch together photo books and scribble travelogues to fix in our minds breathtaking panoramas, stunning vistas, or holy sites.

But painter Steve Joy does so much more with the sensations he gathers from international travel.  A...


Droid Dreams

Now considered a cornerstone of science-fiction writing, Philip K. Dick’s 1968 dystopian book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? presented a not-so-distant post-apocalyptic world inhabited by people, humanoid robots and very few animals. Later adapted into the film Blade Runner, Dick’s novel on the nature of empathy was transformed into a haunting, futuristic noir detective thriller.

As both book and movie...

Jar schepers

Double Your Pleasure

In 2011 pop star Rihanna released the international chart topper “S&M”. This sexually suggestive song about bondage informs the listener through a catchy beat and monotonous lyrics, that “chains and whips” are exciting.

Fourteen years earlier at Walt Disney World, “It's Tough to Be a Bug!” opened to the public as a multisensory attraction congruent to the animated feature “A Bugs Life”.

While neither has a direct...

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