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Speaking the speeches trippingly on the tongue


Have a little priest




Truth could make you free.


A duck tale delight.


Catching all the angles


Depth and dimension.


An immersion in power and talent.


Peering into the sunlight and shadows within Cloud 9.


Tricky Dick at Barn

Shattering the glass

Femininity In Many Forms

Spotlights on women have recently shown on our theatre stages. The Playhouse offered Calendar Girls in April and Love, Loss and What I Wore in December. Plus there was SNAP Productions’ June offering of Seven Homeless Mammoths Wander New England dwelling on a lesbian trio. But given the overall theatre season, you certainly can’t call that a groundswell. So when Shelterbelt Theatre comes up with Shattering the...

Zinging, Leaping Shakespeare

Wonderful performing cascades before your eyes and ears. It’s The Taming of the Shrew made endearing and vivacious, brimming with style and sparkling loquaciousness as guided by director Amy Lane and interpreted by a flawless 18-member ensemble for Nebraska Shakespeare.  

The players own the stage and Lane has everyone on it in constant and delightful motion. By leaps and bounds, they keep the action and the story...


Murder Under The Stars

Nebraska Shakespeare offers an earnest, intellectually provocative production of The Tragedy of Macbeth. It rushes to its foretold conclusion full of energy, at the same time often running roughshod over the eloquent and meaningful speeches which underlie this play’s enduring reputation.

Director Vincent Carlson-Brown seems to be attempting to make this a wound-up relentless machine wherein personified Fate is...

Accentuating the positive.

Wednesday evening arrivals at the Orpheum were greeted near the front doors by friendly young men in white shirts, carrying religious literature. Mormons. Sure. Why not? The musical The Book of Mormon was on display inside. And further inside, within the program book, the prosperous Church of the Latter Day Saints had bought two full-page ads “You’ve seen the play,” said one. “Now read the book.”

Hey, there’s gold...

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