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But as Melvins fans are well aware, an open mind can yield great rewards. Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend,” for example, certainly doesn’t scream “Melvins material,” yet it found itself on Everybody Loves Sausages and sounded terrific. As did Paul McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It” off ‘Freak Puke.’ The phrase “expect the unexpected” is trite and overused, but it certainly applies to the Melvins.
The latest example is Melvins’ frontman Buzz Osbourne’s foray into acoustic music. In support of a tour-only 10” and in preparation for the release of a full-length of all-acoustic songs, the one and only King Buzzo will be appearing at the Waiting Room this Thursday, March 6th.
“My main goal was to not fall prey to what happens to most rock people who do this,” he said from his home in Los Angeles. “They often end up sounding like a half-assed version of Woody Guthrie or a half-assed version of James Taylor. That’s not what I wanted.”
The show will feature a mix of new songs and Melvins classics like “Hooch” and “Revolve.”

King Buzzo is, as of press time, playing a solo show at The Waiting Room, 6212 Maple Street, Thursday, March 6th. The show costs $13 and starts at 9pm. For more information call 558.4939 or visit onepercentproductions.com.

posted at 03:06 pm
on Saturday, February 15th, 2014


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