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Doctor Mysterian

Meet the New Boss, Different than the Old Boss

Design Interview: Buf Reynolds

Design Interview: Jed Moulton

Design Interview: Patrick Leahy

November 3 Murs

It’s hard to remember the last time The Living Legends toured as an 8-deep hip-hop collective. Many members have been on the solo tip for quite awhile. Eligh recently put out his first record, Luckyiam, well, he’s like his own entity, The Grouch is doing it big in Hawaii, Scarub is often performing with Afro Classics while Sunspot Jonz can often be found updating his status on Facebook. Bicasso and Aesop on the...

November 1 DJ Abilities w/ One Be Lo

Skills To Pay The Bills

DJ Abilities On The 1’s and 2’s

By Kyle Eustice


DJ Abilities, real name Gregory Keltgen, has had a rough year. First and foremost, he lost his best friend, label mate and artistic counterpart, Eyedea (real name Mikey Larsen), last October to an accidental opiate overdose. Since then, there’s been a lot of grieving, not only from Keltgen, but also from the rest of the Rhymesayers’...

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November 10: A Conversation with Therman Statom & Modern Traditions

November 10
A Conversation with Therman Statom and Modern Traditions: Seeing with New Eyes
KANEKO Bow Truss, 1111 Jones St.
Discussion 7p.m., exhibit through Nov. 20, FREE

Omaha’s own internationally renowned glass artist Therman Statom enjoys encouraging creativity through teaching. His studio, along with a team of art teachers and KANEKO, partnered with Omaha Public Schools Native American...


November 5: Fluid Ground Opening

November 5
Fluid Ground opening
Gallery 616, 11th and Jones St.
7-10p.m., runs through January 5th, FREE
claudiaalvarez.org, andrewhershey.com, gomezartsupply.com, 214.3061

Fluid Ground artists Claudia Alvarez, Peggy Gomez and Andrew Hershey explore freedom, erasure, and vulnerability utilizing processes that are by nature constant via watercolor, reductive printmaking and formed paper. Mexico-born...

Fire the Flu Shot

It’s flu season again and grocery stores, drug stores and shopping malls are looking to Big Pharma to give their bottom line a shot in the arm. Everywhere you go, you see shameless shills begging you to spend your hard-earned cash on something that is virtually useless: the flu shot.

Yes, something flu-vaccine doubters have been shouting for years has finally been noticed by mainstream researchers. In a study of...

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