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Peaceful, Easy Feeling

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“We All Live In a Yellow Submarine”

Visual Art Pick


Reader Reminiscences

Born in co-founder Mark Simonson’s apartment at 49th and Dodge, The Reader moved to the railroad car next to Sharky’s Brew-ery at 77th and Cass before settling in on the 2nd floor of the old Firehouse Dinner Theater and now Upstream Brewery in 1995. 
With the move to weekly, The Reader was now near the County Courthouse in the old Matthews Bookstore at 1618 Harney in the Keeline Building, the supposed spot where a...

Reader Reminiscences

It has been said many times throughout history that some of the greatest ideas are hatched in the darkness of a bar. The Reader was born in a brewpub in Omaha circa 1994. It wasn’t an easy birth. As newborns go, this baby was a bit anemic and lacked the rosy red cheeks of other publications in the continental United States. But within a month or two we started to add color to the cover and back page. Eventually it...

Reader Reminiscences

Pundits have predicted the death of newspapers for a century or so, but some keep defying the fore-casts, including The Reader you’re now reading. I’m not exactly a mass murderer, but I’ve killed a few weeklies myself. Or at least my columns ran in a few Omaha weeklies that didn’t survive. Not that all the papers that ran my words died. The Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil lives on, though it’s now part of the Omaha...

Heartland Healing

Predictions 2015: Into the Looking Glass

Consider my predicament. Since inception, Heartland Healing’s been reminding readers of alternatives to Western techno-pharmaceutical medicine. But when the first of each year comes around, staff at The Reader is asked to present predictions for the upcoming year. Therein lies the rub.

If my bailiwick is traditional healing arts and sensibilities that have persisted for millennia, what possible change could these...

Resolutions? Put your mind to it.

The calendar again creeps toward that time of year. Renewal, resolutions and change always seem to surround the New Year’s holiday. New beginnings, self-improvement, casting aside old habits keeping us from happiness are on our “to do” list. Well, it’s time to move them to the “done” list.

You’ve tried to change before, tried to break old habits or establish new, healthier ones. What went wrong? Why was improvement...

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