Hot stuff: Cup O’ Creativity

“Art & Soup is the VNA’s SIGNATURE event,” said Caryn Hohnholt VP of Fund Development for the Visiting Nurses’ Association (VNA).

At this year’s 16th annual Art & Soup, held at the Embassy Suites in La Vista, 20 Omaha-area restaurants competed for the honor of having the best soup.

Hohnholt said they pulled out all the stops and really put their heart and soul into trying to come up with new and inventive soups.

That was certainly clear this year, which featured everything from Loaded Peruvian Potatoes with Cured Pork Belly and Fatty Brisket Pho to Apple-Squash Bisque with Spice Crème Fraiche and Smoked Salmon Florentine.

Perhaps the best part of the event is that admission...

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Tripointe Coffeehouse

You’ll want to make sure you bring some cash for a tip when you visit Tripointe Coffeehouse in downtown Papillion. First you’ll want to drop some cash into the barista’s tip jar, because everyone who works at this particular coffeehouse is paid volunteers. You’ll also want to add some money to the “love tank,” which is box for donations to buy a cup of coffee for customers who can’t afford to buy it themselves. Then you’ll want to drop some money into one of the three jars intended for donations to Revolution 61, a non-profit organization fighting human trafficking. You have to choose which jar to drop your money into wisely though, because the jar with the most money at the end of...

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Food Futures: Playing at 2014 predictions

As I write this piece on predicting the future of the Omaha food scene, I am biting chucks of bread off a warm baguette from the new French bakery, Le Petit Paris, the fantastic surprise addition to Le Voltaire. With my crusty yet full attention, I am finding it difficult making predictions about what is next for this progressive Omaha food scene. I still feel like I am in the year 2010, so looking into the crystal ball towards 2014, I see a smokey haze of what will be. Therefore, I think looking back at what we cherish most from our Omaha culinary community might be the best way to move forward.

First, as a woman who has spent her youth eating up Chicago, literally and figuratively,...

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Food Focus: French Fries

When I first started asking people about their favorite French fries in the Omaha area I was ready to learn about a bunch of obscure places I’ve yet to visit featuring French fries that are prepared with an impressive variety of exotic herbs and spices. To the contrary, I was quite surprised that even some of the most foodie friends I have are quick to defend some of the more common fast food varieties available.

I did an informal, non-scientific poll among some of my friends to find out what their favorite French fry place is, and the overwhelming majority said Runza. “Runza is part of our fast food trifecta,” says Christine Williams. “A burger from Don & Millie’s, a shake from...

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Food Focus: CoffeeHouse Pumpkin Drinks

Let’s get serious, people. Pumpkin drinks are everywhere right about now, and since this only happens once a year, we need to be very meticulous in our drink selections. Don’t waste the fall season drinking sub-par beverages when you can delight your pumpkin-deprived taste buds with utter deliciousness.

If you like pumpkin as much as I do, you recognize that is serious business indeed.

The key to finding the best pumpkin drinks is to find a place where they use fresh ingredients and don’t rely on ten thousand pounds of sugar to give the beverage its flavor. I humbly suggest that you head to a locally owned place if you really want the best options. I’m not necessarily saying that the...

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The Pita Pit: Healthy Food Fast


Chris Pohl, is co-owner of one of Omaha’s newest restaurants, the Pita Pit. Though this is his first foray into the restaurant industry, Chris is quick to point out he doesn’t have a crazy story about he got into the business.

“Truthfully, I was looking at this other restaurant. It was something I’d kicked around for awhile. But the group of guys I am involved with have some pretty solid experience with Pita Pit and it just kind of went from talking about things to them actually happening,” said Chris.

He said they’d had some experience working together before so when they asked him if he wanted to join them, he said “yes.” It didn’t hurt that one of his partners was already a...

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