Only in America

We celebrate our nation’s independence each July 4. Independence is good when it means freedom from bad stuff. In 2013, however, there are some areas where we shouldn’t be so cocksure. Perhaps we took freedom too far. It gave us the right to make bad choices. There are some things we allow in the United States that are banned in Europe and other countries.

Bad stuff banned in Europe (and other parts of the world) but okay in the U.S. of A.

GMOs Start the list with a modern threat. Most European (and Japan) nations don’t want anything to do with genetically modified organisms in food or elsewhere. In the United States we allow GMOs everywhere, without…

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Is Stupidity a Disease?

Last week the American Medical Association trotted out its wipey board and wrote the word “obesity” under the heading of “AMA Officially Recognized Diseases.” It’s an indication of how disengaged the AMA is from the reality of healthcare or caring about your health.

The performance of American medicine is at an all-time low while costs are at an all-time high. With outrageously and randomly assigned healthcare pricing, less-than-optimum treatment outcomes, Big Pharma’s record profits and price gouging, embarrassing rankings in healthcare assessments and disturbing Government complicity, American medicine is in need of triage. And a leading actor in that dysfunction is the AMA.

By adding obesity to its list of official diseases, the AMA opens the door…

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Be An Egghead

Farmers market season is in full swing. The three most popular items sought by the hoi polloi always seem to be sweet corn, tomatoes and eggs. Eggs may be the overall favorite simply because they are available year-round.

Some consider eggs the perfect food, with lots of micronutrients and solid protein. But not all eggs are created equal. The nutritional profile of an egg varies greatly depending on how the hen was fed and maintained. As with computers, it’s: GIGO — “garbage in, garbage out.” What you feed a layer and how she lives have tremendous bearing on the quality of the egg she gives you.

Come to terms with eggs. To choose eggs wisely, one must…

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Cosmic Forecast, June 13-June 19

I understand why Mother’s Day falls in Taurus, since Taurus is the sign of Mother Earth, but why does Father’s Day take place in Gemini? It would be much more suitable in Aries, as the father is the head (Aries rules the head) of the family. Perhaps we’re of two minds about fatherhood? Happy Father’s Day, either way! —Michael De Lyon (a wizard has many names or none — never one…)

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  Use it before you lose it. One more week in Gemini, and 2 more weeks before your ruler Mercury moves retrograde at 23° Cancer for 3 exasperating, inconclusive, mentally abusive, “misuse-ive,” inconclusive weeks. Nothing you can’t handle and bounce back from,…

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News You Can Use: June, 2013

Time for another compilation of the news.

The Good

Vitamin C Kills Drug-resistant TB Bacteria — 21 May: In a striking, unexpected discovery, researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine determined that Vitamin C kills drug-resistant tuberculosis bacteria. The venerable workhorse supplement first championed widely by two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling in his 1970 book Vitamin C and the Common Cold, could be the magic bullet where hi-tech antibiotics fail. To their credit, some conventional docs are realizing natural solutions may trump our bold science.

Millions Against Monsanto — 25 May: The “March Against Monsanto” wasn’t exactly a flash mob but grew like a slow-burning one. Tami Canal launched a Facebook page on February 28. Less…

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Cosmic Forecast, June 6-June 12

Happy Cazimi New Moon in lovable Gemini, around 11 a.m. on Saturday. Picture what you seek, or hang loose and see what the universe has — or will manifest — for thee. It’s in Gemini, so it could go either way. This be the truth from Miguel Jose.

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  You are all about your home center and the expen$e it take$ to maintain it, as your ruler Mercury has entered (your 2nd Hou$e of) Cancer ’til August. It’s a longer transit than usual, ’cuz Mercury moves retrograde on June 26th for 3 weeks. It’ll be time to rework your current work, re-groove, review, and then facet the gem you’re working on. $ound$ like…

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Tin Foil Hats Not Required

Book Review: Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms by Brad Olsen, 413 pages, CCC Publishing, San Francisco.

The internet didn’t invent the conspiracy genre. But nothing has given more life to it. Long before there were websites and URLs, people were poking holes in the established perception of our world. For his part, few have done a better job than Brad Olsen of capturing the gestalt of what the entirety of conspiracy theories mean. Why are there conspiracy theories in the first place? The answer is really quite simple and is a truism in itself: the world we see with our eyes is not what it seems to be.

Olsen doesn’t consider his book a compendium of conspiracy…

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