News You Can Use: May, 2013

Time for another compilation of the news.

The Good

No Keystone XL in our county — Holt County, the largest in Eastern Nebraska and threatened by the proposed Keystone XL sludgeline, said “No” on April 30. By unanimous vote, the county supervisors passed a resolution forbidding construction of these types of pipelines traversing their county’s borders, despite a potential $3 million tax windfall. Supervisors said, “It’s not about money. It’s about clean water,” and “If we’re talking money, most [residents] will write a check to cover the money if it means no pipeline.” (Norfolk Daily News, et al.)

Keystone Pipeline Delayed — On April 26, TransCanada CEO Russ Girling said at a conference call with analysts…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 2-May 8

¿Cómo ésta? Happy Cinco de Mayo. This is the/a week to clean up, take care of and finish up your spring cleaning. Take care of all the/your loose ends before the New Moon in Taurus on May 9th. —Miguelito Mira Nubes (Little Michael Cloud Watcher)

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  You’ve got a week to get it together. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, this year conjunct both Mars and Mercury, happens late in the evening of next Thursday, May 9th. Venus, your ruler, will be at her strongest right before she departs Taurus for Gemini that morning. You’ll either be in love — or wish you were. You(’ll) have to start by loving yourself, or…

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Farmers Markets: Still the Best?

The traditional take on farmers markets is that’s where you’ll find wholesome, fresh, locally grown food. Farmers markets represent an opportunity for an outdoor adventure and — presumably — to meet the person who grows your food. However, shoppers assume many things when visiting farmers markets. Most people think of farmers markets as more progressive and proactive than supermarkets, offering products that conform to a certain set of presumed qualities. Is it really true, though? Are farmers markets still ahead of the curve when it comes to offering transparency, information on sourcing and the healthfulness of the food found there?

We expect farmers markets to be far more transparent and informational than any national grocery store chain. Unfortunately,…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 25-May 1

Happy Full Moon conjunct a retrograde Saturn at 5° degrees Scorpio, at 3 ’til 3:00 on the afternoon of the 25th. Watch out! Responsibility is about to raise its ugly purple head! A lot of “executive complexes” will activate their hexes. That’s the cost of being/knowing/catering to a/the “boss.” It’s time now (Taurus) to make/stake that plan along the slow, steady path toward the accomplishments we deem necessary for spring, 2013. When there’s enough love (Venus) in the air (Taurus/Gemini) it will turn (in)to spring; from my newest song, “I’ve Just Seen Everything.”

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  You’ve got the Martian rocket in your pocket for the entire transit of the Sun in Taurus. The Sun…

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Death by Corn

A plague is upon us; pestilence abounds; a pox we planted ourselves. Forget locusts. Forget frogs. Forget bird flu, kudzu or African snails. The invasive species strangling, starving and drying up America came all the way from the St. Louis laboratories of Monsanto. It’s corn.

The Yellow Peril. Our country is being overrun by corn. It’s the killer crop of the 21st century. How? We got sold a bill of goods — several, it turns out.

It’s a shame because so many hard-working farmers are addicted to corn as a cash crop. But they are financially marginalized by a crop that keeps them on a razor-thin budget while filling the coffers of Big Agriculture. Who’s getting rich?…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 18-Apr. 24

Welcome into Taurus, ruler of both the throat (the part of the body astrologically attributed to the second sign), and the planet of love, Venus. “Let Venus Come Between Us,” written for the Venus-ruled sign of Libra, is from my CD “ZODIAC” — available everywhere (including my Full Moon lecture at the Benson Pizza Shoppe at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 25th — along with more tunes from “ZODIAC”). Venus rules the arts and music…and (no matter what those horny Scorpios say!) the throat — through which we sing — is the most musical part of the body. I’ve dropped a musical hint with each sign this time, ’cuz I’d rather sing than talk — I’d rather dance than…

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Earth Day: Once Fun, Now Scary

“Ah-nold,” past governor of the once-great state of California, authored an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times the other day. Summarily, he wrote that it’s all over but the shouting. Human endeavor and its impact on the planet’s eco-balance have cast its fate: Sea levels have risen seven inches in the last ten decades. In the past ten years, average temperature in California and the Southwest has spiked two full degrees. Water treatment plants in San Francisco have had to close due to rising sea levels as have portions of the 101 Freeway. Global climate upheaval is not a “distant” threat, he wrote. It’s here.

We were warned. “Tonight I want to have an unpleasant talk with you…

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