Heya Movieha enthusiasts! Welcome to another podcastical adventure in which we invent the term “Woo-wah the ba-doo-dah” and Matt makes robot noises. We also talk about movies, and FINALLY get that new segment squeezed all the way into the podcast proper. Oh, and we have new music bumps to, thanks to producer extraordinaire Matthew Lockwood esquire. Meet you on the other side with our weekly grab bag of online content.


Box Office Haikus

Here are last week’s results along with my patented formula that reveals my predictive accuracy:

Box Office May 27-29

1.) The Hangover Part II – $103 million (Accuracy of prediction – 91%) 2.) Kung Fu Panda – $60 million (Accuracy of prediction – 81.5%) 3.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $50 million (Accuracy of prediction – 90%)

4.) Bridesmaids – $20 million (Accuracy of prediction – 87.5%)

5.) Thor – $12 million (Accuracy of prediction – 92%)

Overall accuracy of prediction – 88%

A high “B” this week.

Nothing to be ashamed of

but I’ll find a way.

Now, on to this week’s predictions!

Box Office Predictions for June 3-5

1.) X-Men: First Class – $70 million

The X-Men are back!

And they’re all new, all different!

I loved this movie.

2.) The Hangover Part 2 – $45 million

Breaking some records

but not breaking any ground…

other than dick shots.

3.) Kung Fu Panda 2 – $82 million

This didn’t do great

Wall Street dropped Dreamworks stock shares!

God damn you Panda!

4.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $18 million

It’s big overseas

and a mild dud over here

Tim Burton is next?

5.) Bridesmaids – $10 million

Still raking it in

this is VERY successful.

Well deserved ladies!

On Your Radar: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Trailer

The end of this trailer was so terrifying to Matt that he shut his eyes. He couldn’t even handle a tiny, pixelated trailer for a horror movie that’s rated PG-13. (https://www.genusinnovation.com/) May God have mercy on the soul of the person sitting next to him in the theater.

Netflix: The War Game

This isn’t the trailer for the 1965 docu-drama on nuclear war, but it is the closest I could come. Watch a little and you’ll get the feel for what we’re going to go through this week. I’m oddly riveted by this. But then again, there’s something wrong with me.

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