Hey folks! It’s time again for you to roll around in some Movieha. I know you usually tear into this on Fridays, but I figured a Monday could only be improved by a heaping helping of Ha. (Zolpidem) We talk about the Cumberbatch, contemplate Fassbender’s tool, explore what Compliance means, diss Moonrise Kingdom, resurrect our feelings for Resurrect Dead, and spew haikus. Enjoy!

On Your Radar: Compliance

Nobody WANTS to see a movie like this, except…it’s probably really, really good. Intense, real-life human drama. I hate the thought of watching this. I cannot wait to watch this.

Netflix Roulette: Holy Rollers

People who count cards for Jesus are only slightly more fascinating to me than…nope, that’s the most fascinating thing ever. Sorry. I can’t wait to watch this one.

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