7/29/20 • Day 38 of Phase III • Nationwide case trends

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Evictions and Race in Omaha: New Study Draws a Connection, Offers Solutions

The findings, the first step in an ongoing study, show evictions tend to occur in areas with worse school attendance and higher rates of COVID-19 transmission.

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Today we have stories about  evictions being concentrated in areas such as North and South Omaha, which have more people of color and higher rates of poverty, city council approving night vision equipment for the police department amidst calls for police demilitarization and meatpacking workers fighting for safer conditions.

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Round Robin Story Hour

Tell a story for one minute. When your time is up, the next member of the family picks up where you left off. You never know where your characters will end up, and the creative exercise is as educational as it is hilarious.

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