The Cost of Rural
Nebraska’s Housing Crunch

It’s a struggle familiar to nearly every Nebraska mid-sized city and small town: There simply aren’t enough houses. That dearth is preventing jobs from being filled — from meatpackers to hospital administrators — in towns that have long prioritized job creation as a means of economic development and population growth.

Story by Natalia Alamdari. Originally published in Flatwater Free Press. 
Republished in The Reader.


Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

Happy Thumb Appreciation Day

Today’s news says the thumb ain’t dumb — try zipping up pants, tying shoes or giving the thumbs-up sign without it: Tenants evicted from the “unlivable” Midtown apartment complex demand the landlord pay up, a closed-door meeting is held on the controversial Colorado-Nebraska canal, and factory-sealed games from a long-closed Nebraska video game store are discovered — and now they’re probably worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Harper’s Index Facts of the Day

  1. Percentage increase in U.S. sales of cigarettes in 2020: 0.4
  2. Year in which U.S. cigarette sales last increased: 2000

Source: Federal Trade Commission (Washington)

Reed Moore’s COVID-19 Roundup

As announced in the Wednesday, Dec. 29, bonus newsletter, in light of the Omicron variant, Reed Moore will replace the “Thing To Do” section with a COVID-19 spotlight featuring coronavirus-related content. The Reader believes it’s irresponsible to promote events when hospitals are nearing capacity and some community members refuse to get vaccinated. As cases continue, The Reader won’t promote any events — be they concerts, plays, art-gallery openings or stand-up comedy — that don’t require
masks, vaccination and social distancing.

Around Omaha

  • An embattled Lee Enterprises unveils a detailed investor presentation, following its controversial decision to lay off two of the Omaha World-Herald‘s top editors for budget cuts — while handing out $3 million in bonuses to top executives and board members, according to the Omaha World-Herald guild.
  • “A gap in services could be devastating”: Community members worry about how the impending library demolition and move could impact the city’s most vulnerable residents.
  • The tenants evicted from an “unlivable” Midtown apartment complex last month are demanding the landlord pay up.
  • Here’s how the Midlands African Chamber is helping local Black businesses.
  • Read about the battle to bring Black Studies to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Around Nebraska

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