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The “Uncharted” sequel should be 2 hours of Mark Wahlberg in pain.

Review by Ryan Syrek. Published in The Reader.

Even as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations decline, Reed Moore recommends masking in movie theaters and other public spaces for the safety of Omaha’s
high-risk community members.

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Desk of Reed Moore …

  • The newsletter is getting a fresh new design starting Monday, March 21. Prepare yourself for a sleeker, more streamlined look. 😎
  • Given the decline in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Reed Moore will be cutting down COVID-19 coverage. Here’s the plan:
    • This will be the last full week of the “By the Numbers” and “Reed Moore’s COVID-19 Roundup.” Starting next week, Reed Moore will feature these sections only on Wednesdays.
    • The Thing To Do will return on Monday, March 21.
    • Reed Moore will continue to keep a close eye on COVID-19. If another highly contagious and/or dangerous variant arrives, more thorough coronavirus coverage will return. To help prevent that from happening, don’t throw caution to the wind! Stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, wear a mask, and steer clear of superspreaders. 😷

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Harper’s Index Facts of the Day

  1. Minimum portion of U.S. movie budgets last year spent on pandemic-related expenses: 1/10
  2. Portion of moviegoers who say they are unlikely to return to theaters after the pandemic: 1/10

Sources: Vigilant EHS Solutions (El Segundo, Calif.); 2 Quorum (Los Angeles)

Reed Moore’s Daily Rundown

International Day Against Police Brutality

On this occasion, today’s news has two words for you — George Floyd: A South Omaha church sign with anti-immigration messaging sparks complaints, the Legislature moves forward proposals for criminal justice sentencing reforms, and the Nebraska Promise program will allow Nebraskans whose family incomes are $65,000 or less to study in the University of Nebraska system without paying tuition.

Reed Moore’s COVID-19 Roundup

  • As coronavirus case counts and hospitalizations keep dropping, infectious disease specialist Dr. Mark Rupp wants Nebraskans to enjoy the lower numbers — and stay vigilant.
  • There’s an uptick in coronavirus cases in the UK and Europe. Here’s what might happen in the U.S., according to CNN.

5.9% of Douglas County residents are partially vaccinated.

For nationwide COVID-19 case
and vaccination trends, click here.

Around Omaha

Around Nebraska

  • Latest in the Legislature: Proposals for criminal justice sentencing reforms and spending more than $1 billion of American Rescue Plan Act funds move forward, according to Nebraska Public Media. A bill also advances that would put the state on permanent daylight savings time. Juneteenth could become a state holiday if this bill passes. Another bill would mandate Holocaust education. And Republicans tried to keep state Sen. Adam Morfeld off the ballot for Lancaster County attorney, but the Nebraska Supreme Court rules he’s eligible to run.
  • School counselors are on the front line of the mental health crisis among students. But in rural districts, counselors with hundreds of students on their caseload are feeling the pressure.
  • Confused about the controversy surrounding indicted GOP Rep. Jeff Fortenberry?This in-depth Nebraska Public Media article answers the question, “How does a member of Congress who managed to avoid most controversy during 20 years in public life find himself in front of a jury in federal court with the prospect of serving time in prison?”
  • The Nebraska Public Power District is ending a collaboration with Louisiana-based Entergy that lasted almost two decades and taking full control of Nebraska’s only nuclear plant.
  • Farmers are concerned about skyrocketing fertilizer prices.
  • An expansion of the Nebraska Promise program will allow Nebraskans whose family incomes are $65,000 or less to study in the University of Nebraska system without paying tuition.

This Week in Your Local Government:
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Photo credit: Chris Bowling

The City Council is meeting today, and reporter
Anton Johnson is sitting in on the meeting.

Follow Anton at @AntonIsWriting for live tweets, and to catch up on important Omaha government happenings. Tune in here to the Omaha City Council at 2 p.m.

(The Board of Commissioners is not meeting this week but
will resume on Tuesday, March 22, at 9 a.m.)

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