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Marching in Place with Jonathan Orozco

No one ever tells you how glacial pandemics really are. Wikipedia tells us the Black Death and Spanish flu lasted for years. I already know someone is reading this and thinking: “But the world wasn’t so connected back then.” Well, that’s definitely true, but our current health crisis is still expected to last for months, […]

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The Union for Contemporary Art presents a new solo exhibit, Angela Drakeford:Homecoming, opening July 11th. Installation artist and sculptor Drakeford examines the healing power of plants and the home garden as a sanctuary of healing and comfort. Building on personal memories, and a palette of real and artificial plants, period furniture, textiles and other domestic […]

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‘A Painter’s Yoga Journey’

Yoga might be better for us than we think. Physical benefits aside, artist Robert Bosco has found a muse in yoga, and his solo exhibition, A Painter’s Yoga Journey, opening March 30 at Gallery 1516 may save your brain as well. We’ve all heard of studies touting the psychological and stress-relieving benefits of making and […]

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‘A Memory Held in You’

(Interview edited and formatted by contributing arts editor Mike Krainak) Last year my family and I saw the Frida Kahlo: Letters and Photographs exhibition at El Museo Latino in Omaha, Nebraska. That is when I met Allegra Hangen, the museum’s Education and Exhibitions Coordinator. We sat down at a craft table and she demonstrated for […]

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Beauty and the Beast

Local artist Joseph Broghammer could have played it safe. When the Garden of the Zodiac Gallery offered him his current solo in the Old Market Passageway, Broghammer could have created yet another set of animal portraits not unlike last year’s Herd,a popular exhibit of beasts on the hoof. After all, why mess with success? For […]

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Art + Yoga

Art is the expression of human creative skill and imagination through different forms such as painting or sculpting. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. It is a form of expression and way to practice health and relaxation by tapping into your mind, body, and spirit. Both art and yoga are forms of expression, […]

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‘A’ for Effort

Another year has passed which means we are approaching award season in all the arts and field of entertainment. Yet while film, music, performance and theater will get most of the attention, the visual arts deserves time in the spotlight as well. This is especially true as once an exhibit opens…and closes, it tends to […]

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‘We Built This City’

“Through these towns they built to change”—Arcade Fire, “Sprawl I (Flatland)” Cities are a complex sum of their parts. Designers, real estate developers, activists, non-profits, civic entities, philanthropists, politicians, and members of the general public spend their days (and lives) trying to understand and shape the built environment. But who or what in Omaha is […]

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Power Play

Institutional critique always appears more trenchant when contained within the confines of an establishment, where it can be dissected by the very language that defines it. The Omaha Public Library is our city repository of shareable knowledge, a site open to inquiries by all comers. That exists, by its published mission, to “connect people with […]

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Child ‘Baring’

With the terrarium-like swelter of recent weeks, you might assume the current show at Darger HQ — Hothouse — was commissioned just for this summer in Omaha. But don’t expect to find tropical plants or Bikram yoga classes here; it’s a different kind of hothouse to which artists Elizabeth Kauffman (Salisbury, MD) and Luke Severson […]