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In Need of Rabbit’s Foot

About three minutes into Lucky, I sighed as I realized I was about to watch a film I’ve seen hundreds of times before and will undoubtedly suffer through hundreds of times again. It stars Harry Dean Stanton, in his final film role, as Lucky, a 90-year-old creature of habit who realizes his own mortality through […]

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Reel Meaning

Art saves lives. That’s not hyperbole or exaggeration. Creating art as a release has let countless razorblades sleep soundly in their drawers. Consuming art that expresses what someone can’t say themselves, that tells them “you’re not alone” or distracts them from everyday horrors has allowed bullets and bodies to remain strangers. I don’t know what […]

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Kung Ow Kickin’

Sometimes, life is simple. If you don’t like beef, don’t order a rib-eye. If you don’t like stale, recycled jokes, don’t watch CBS sitcoms. If you don’t like action movies, avoid The Raid: Redemption like a television-phobic vegan would avoid the stuff mentioned above. Writer/director Gareth Evans, who admittedly did much more to earn the […]