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Play Me, I’m Yours:

“’The Play Me, I’m Yours’ Street Piano Project is an international, interactive public art project that is meant to empower and inspire members of the community through the arts,” explained Susan Thomas, Executive Director for Omaha Creative Institute. The project started in the United Kingdom in 2008. Artist Luke Jerram was the first person to […]

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Every week I picked up The Reader, I always looked forward to reading MoJoPo’s horoscopes, no matter how bizarre or off-kilter they were. He had way of making me laugh with his wordy and often rhyming predictions of the future. There is so much more to MoJo than horoscopes. Born Michael Joseph Pryor, the Omaha […]

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Real Obamacare Problem

Most of October, Americans have had their panties in a bunch because a website is crashing. Wow. Humans are so easily distracted; like kittens with a ball of yarn or puppies with a tennis ball. “Ooooh! Shiny!” Like we dropped acid and now stand in front of the biggest, blinking-est Christmas tree in town. Yes, […]

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News of the Weird: Yellow and brown values

A Swedish TV show, “Biss och Kajs,” found itself in the spotlight in November — in Russia, where government-run television apparently used it to send a political message to Ukraine by highlighting the program’s theme of teaching children about bodily functions. The episode Russia chose featured three bulkily-costumed actors sitting around talking — with one […]

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Girls, Inc. Expands & Renovates

“This project has been on our radar for the past seven or eight years. We knew we needed a gym and once you start thinking about building a structure like that, then you start thinking about what else you should build up,” said Roberta Wilhelm, Executive Director for Girls, Inc. of Omaha. The plans for […]

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Eating Paleo

I was understandably confused when my paleo friends Abe Wagner and Sara Locke casually mentioned that they’d like to invite me over for pizza sometime. I suppose I always envisioned people who eat paleo to just kind of gnaw on hunks of meat when it came time to eat, so the idea that Abe and […]

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Cosmic Forecast, June 6-June 12

Happy Cazimi New Moon in lovable Gemini, around 11 a.m. on Saturday. Picture what you seek, or hang loose and see what the universe has — or will manifest — for thee. It’s in Gemini, so it could go either way. This be the truth from Miguel Jose. — c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  You are all […]

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The Flaming Lips’ Chameleonic Career

Formed as a traditional rock band in 1983, The Flaming Lips has since evolved into a gargantuan entity bursting with neo-psychedelic space rock, confetti and man-sized plastic bubbles. Hailing from Norman, Oklahoma, their larger-than-life front man Wayne Coyne, multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Steven Drozd, drummer Kliph Scurlock, bassist/keyboardist Michael Ivins, and guitarist Derek Brown have redefined the term […]

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The Neal World

Neal Duffy is the guy making your concerts sound crisp and pristine. He’s making every instrument and vocalization reverberate across the auditorium. Currently, he’s on tour with Neon Trees, who will open for Maroon 5 in Omaha March 3. He’s been with Neon Trees for two years since he caught his big break. Duffy received […]