Local and Independent Online News Awards 2021

2021 Best Solutions Project of the Year (Presented by Solutions Journalism Network)

Great Plains Journalism Awards 2021

  • (Winner) Business Feature: Chris Bowling
  • (Finalist) Leo Adam Biga, finalist

Great Plains Journalism Awards 2022

  • (Finalist) Chris Bowling
  • (Finalist) Sam Crisler
  • (Finalist) Ryan Syrek

Great Plains Journalism Awards 2023

  • (Finalist) Bridget Fogarty
  • (Finalist) Ryan Syrek

Association of Alternative News Awards 2022

Association of Alternative News 2023

(finalists) Best Collaboration

  • The Reader (Omaha) – “As Nebraska’s Latino Voters Grow in Power, Candidates Fight for Their Support in the Second District” – Bridget Fogarty, Elizabeth Rembert
  • The Reader (Omaha) – “In one city, the pandemic accelerated a wave of white flight” – Bridget Fogarty, Sarah Garland
  • The Reader (Omaha) – “Past Union President, Now Running for Sheriff, Was Deemed to Have Used Excessive Force. Then Omaha’s Police Chief Stepped in. (Klonopin) ” – Chris Bowling, Matthew Hansen, Matt Wynn

(finalists) Multimedia

  • The Reader (Omaha) – “Reader Radio podcast” – Chris Bowling, Isa Luzarraga, Bridget Fogarty

(finalists) Arts criticism

  • The Reader (Omaha) – “Lava Conquers All, Nothing Nowhere Nebulously Never, The Only Safe Place for a Gun Is in a Tom Cruise Movie Title” – Ryan Syrek