Best Dentist – The Tooth Doc

Chosen as the best dentist in Omaha, Dr. Marty Matz has a way of making people smile

At 4-years-old, Marty Matz was intrigued by dentistry. He walked into his first dental visit and was awed. Years of practice and a dental degree later, he is now best known as “The Tooth Doc”.

People who are afraid to go to the dentist meet Matz and the nervous jitters disappear.

“Dr. Matz has a way of making his patients very comfortable,” said Kelly Thunn, marketing director and Matz’s coworker for over 2 years now, “people are very surprised at how comfortable he makes them.”

Dr. Matz, a father of three, a husband and a life-long resident of Omaha, has been practicing dentistry on his own for 19 years and enjoys every aspect of dental work from drilling cavities to easing patients’ minds.

“It’s convenient for patients,” he said, “just to have the guy they know take care of them.”

On days he’s not treating patients, he continues his education, attends seminars and performs puppet shows – puppet shows about dental hygiene that is. He takes his guitar and goes around to different kindergartens teaching the importance of flossing and brushing your teeth through music, puppet shows and videos. Matz’s most popular hit, his own composition, is called the “Cavity Creeps Song” about how to keep cavities away.

In addition to pursuing his passion in dentistry, Matz continues to learn new things aside from dental work.

“I’m always learning,” he said with assertion, “my motto is that no one should ever stop learning.”

Not only does he garden, cook, play guitar and beat on drums, he keeps up with the latest dental gadgets that arrive at the office.

“You get to use a lot of new instruments,” he said with excitement, “that’s what makes it fun. I don’t like to get boring. Dentistry is never boring.”

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