A few time a week, the managers at Huber Cadillac meet together for what Bret Huber calls a “roundtable.” “Most of the time we open with, ‘Does anybody have anything?’ and what we mean by that is, ‘is anybody asking for us to help them?’” Sometimes the request for help comes from an employee who asks if Huber can help a church or neighborhood, or maybe a mom who needs a rental car for a couple weeks.


“We have a lot of employees with a lot of responsibilities,” Huber said. “If you grab your average Huber employee, you’ll see these are people who are activea members at a lot of different parishes. They’re diverse, and many of them are family people.” He said it’s culturally engrained at Huber Cadillac to “take care of ourselves and take care of other people. When you’re doing well, you have the responsibility to help others.” Huber is quick to say how incredible his employees are. He said he doesn’t ask employees to support the causes the company sponsors, yet they still do. “We don’t ask them to make a dinner at the Ronald McDonald House or to go to the Humane Society Walk for the Animals,” but they show up nonetheless.


Several years ago, the Huber Cadillac folks decided that if they were truly to have an impact on the community, they needed to decide which causes to help. “We said, ‘OK, if we’re truly going to make a difference, how can we? Instead of just giving a hundred little things in a hundred little ways, why don’t we pick a couple and do big things?’” They do big things, indeed. The Ronald McDonald House is one of the main causes Huber Cadillac supports, and it’s one Bret Huber holds dear. “The people there, no matter who’s there, have always been the best. What they do on a selfless, daily basis is incredible,” he said. “Nobody there says, ‘Hey look at me, look at what I did!’ They just quietly go about their business and help. We have a wonderful working relationship.” The Huber showroom has been known to feature a vehicle stuffed with items from employees for the Ronald McDonald House, whether toiletries or other items. If you pick a vehicle to be stuffed for charity, a spacious Escalade is a good choice. Huber Cadillac sponsors the Hurl the Pearl event at the Stormchasers games. Spectators try to hurl white balls into a moving truck’s cabin to win Stormchasers items or food at McDonald’s. The proceeds from the purchased throws benefit the Ronald McDonald House. The Omaha Fashion Guild is another cause Huber Cadillac supports. This nonprofit organization helps local designers and strives to keep Omaha’s fashion scene vibrant. The showroom at Huber Cadillac was actually home to the second annual Fashion Impact Awards in 2015. They also support the Nebraska Humane Society. Huber said they have a great relationship with the organization.


Bret Huber said the company’s cumulative love of sports has a big impact on what organizations they help. “We are a group infatuated with sports,” he said. He said that he has a cabinet full of photos of the teams they sponsor from year to year. “That’s something we’ve all really embraced. Many of our employees are former athletes.” “I’m a Westside guy but my son’s going to (Creighton) Prep,” Huber said. Many of his employees came from Prep, too. “For some reason, Prep guys seem to find their way here, so we help out Prep a lot.”


“It’s everyone’s duty to help others,” said Huber, who added that the dealership doesn’t necessarily seek to spotlight the help they provide. “We don’t like to go out and toot our horns and say, ‘Hey, we’ve done this and we’ve done that.’” Instead, Huber and his team go quietly about their business to help the community they love.


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