Living and Home Services

Best of Omaha - Living and Home Services

More than half of the homes in Omaha are occupied by their owners, U.S. Census Bureau says. When the time comes to get some help to maintain those households, Omaha has homeowners covered. From plumbers to housecleaning and everything in between, variety rules In Omaha.

By the numbers

The number of Omaha businesses in the category of Living & Home Services is 932, according to data courtesy of SalesGenie,

The Nebraska Department of Labor estimates a 6.5% statewide increase in home services jobs from 2010 to 2020.

Where are the home service companies?

Douglas County boasts the highest number of home services companies in the metro area with 573, per the SalesGenie data. Sarpy County ranks second with 179 companies.

Services performed

Essentially, any help that’s needed within or around a home can be found easily throughout the Omaha metro. When something around the house breaks, gets dirty or needs repair or updating, those who avoid DIY can get help all over town.


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