Best of Omaha Dining

Omaha boasts an impressive number of restaurants for a city of its size. No one can make the claim that Omaha isn’t a Foodie City – with around 1200 restaurants total within the city, there is never an issue of not having somewhere to go eat. By the numbers According to data courtesy of SalesGenie, […]

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Professional and Health Services

Best of Omaha Professional and Health Services

If Omaha area health services organizations seem particularly proud of who they serve and what they offer, it’s probably because they consistently appear at the top of national rankings. It’s a good situation for locals because we have ample options from which to choose. By the numbers The number of “health services” organizations in the […]

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Personal Shopping and Services

Best of Omaha Shopping

Excluding grocery stores, shopping opportunities are abundant in the Omaha metro, with more than a thousand stores open for business. By the numbers The number of stores in the Omaha area was 1,148 as of February 2018, according to data courtesy of SalesGenie. That includes clothing stores, specialty shops, department stores and just about any […]

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Nightlife and Play

Best of Omaha Nightlife and Play

The Omaha metro comes to life when the sun goes down. With some 240 area businesses classified as bars, pubs or dance clubs, the opportunity for a fun night out is ample. By the numbers The actual number of Omaha businesses attributed to nightlife is 241 as of February 2018, according to data courtesy of […]

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Living and Home Services

Best of Omaha - Living and Home Services

More than half of the homes in Omaha are occupied by their owners, U.S. Census Bureau says. When the time comes to get some help to maintain those households, Omaha has homeowners covered. From plumbers to housecleaning and everything in between, variety rules In Omaha. By the numbers The number of Omaha businesses in the […]

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Petersen Law Office

Petersen Law Office For over 20 years Omaha Attorney Thomas M. Petersen has been defending individuals charged with driving under the influence and other criminal charges.  Petersen Law focuses on criminal defense helping people charged with DUI and other serious felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses. Petersen strives to provide personal attention […]

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James Martin Davis

James Martin Davis Once again, and for 9 years in a row, James Martin Davis was voted Omaha’s Best Criminal Lawyer.  This larger-than-life attorney is a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran and a former U.S. Secret Service special agent. He led an Organized Crime and Anti­Corruption State Task Force, ran for […]

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Huber Cadillac

Huber Cadillac is Nebraska’s only stand-alone Cadillac dealer. Located in Omaha, Huber Cadillac is devoted to honesty and customer service since 1985. Our Customer Service Promise “Our guests are treated with the utmost respect and very much on a individual and special attention basis all the time,” said […]

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