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Pella Windows and Doors Takes the Stress out of Hail Alley

You’ve probably heard of “Tornado Alley,” which includes much of the Midwestern states and experiences the most tornadoes of any area in the U.S. Did you know Omaha is also located in a section of the United States known as “Hail Alley,” though? This section of the country, which includes Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming, experiences the most hailstorms of any part of the U.S. Some of these hailstorms are so severe they have been able to cause considerable damage to homes. One company has been there to make sure Omaha residents can relax during hail season, though. Pella Windows and Doors of Omaha has made it its mission to walk residents through the process of getting their homes assessed, filing a claim, and repairing their homes.

Hailstorms cause damage indiscriminately, raining pieces of ice on your home from all directions. When an insurance claim is filed, inspectors will look closely at roofs and siding, but unless there is broken glass, it can be easy to miss damage to windows and doors, as many people do not look for it. After a hailstorm, insurance adjusters are moving quickly to inspect all the homes, so they can easily miss the subtle signs of damage to a window or frame.

Even though damage to windows and doors can be easy to miss, it is important to catch during the initial inspection. If damage is found later, it will be too late to file as an insurance claim. There are sometimes small indentations at the base of the window, which can indicate further damage. If you run your finger over the area, you can sometimes feel dents in the framing or glass that are not visible.

“Sometimes the seal has been broken in the window panes so there is no insulation there anymore,” explains Roy Childs, Window and Door Specialist for Pella Windows and Doors. “This means those windows are going to fail. The hail hitting the window may cause that to happen, but it may not be visible for months or years. By the time it is visible, your insurance company is long gone and is not going to help you out with it.”

Fortunately, Pella Windows and Doors does a thorough inspection to find these important signs of damage and walk customers through each step of the repair process, making sure homeowners get a fair transaction with their insurance companies. Pella has made storm season a less stressful event by doing the hard work for their clients.

Even if a homeowner does not see hail damage on their home, if a hailstorm has passed through recently, it is better to have it looked at because Pella will assess a home at no cost. “We’ll schedule a convenient time to come out and do a hail inspection,” says Childs. “There’s no charge for this. If we don’t find any hail damage, you have peace of mind knowing you don’t have any damage to your windows. If we find hail damage, we will guide you through the process.”

Childs explains that if you have looked at your home and do not see damage, it is best to have a Pella associate come look at it anyway. Adjusters, who are trained professionals, still sometimes miss hail damage on windows and doors, so it is even more likely that a homeowner won’t see the damage. “I encourage homeowners – even if they have looked at their windows or even if they have had an adjuster out – if their area has had hail, give us a call and we’ll come do a free inspection.”

The process of filing an insurance claim and following it through can seem daunting and, honestly, frustrating. That is why having a company like Pella that is willing to walk through the process with their clients is so important. “Where we step in is making the complex a little simpler for people,” says Childs. “Once the homeowner has their insurance claim filed, that’s where we pick up the ball and run with it. We try to alleviate the burden for them.”

Pella’s client is the homeowner, so they work to make the homeowner’s life easier. This doesn’t mean leaving the homeowner in the dark, though. “I always make a pact with my homeowners,” says Childs. “I don’t ever communicate with the insurance company without notifying the homeowner. It is their home. I work for them.”

With this commitment to making the homeowner’s life easier through the process of seeing through an insurance claim, Pella Windows and Doors has made hail season a less stressful time of year for residents of the Omaha area. Despite living in Hail Alley, homeowners in the Omaha area can relax with the knowledge that when a hailstorm passes through, all they need to do is pick up the phone and call Pella for a free inspection. If there is damage, Pella will take over and work toward the best possible outcome for the homeowner.  

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