Professional and Health Services

Best of Omaha Professional and Health Services

If Omaha area health services organizations seem particularly proud of who they serve and what they offer, it’s probably because they consistently appear at the top of national rankings. It’s a good situation for locals because we have ample options from which to choose.

By the numbers

The number of “health services” organizations in the Omaha metro is 773, which includes clinics, hospitals, in-home care, massage therapists and more, according to data courtesy of SalesGenie.

Projected employment in health services is expected to increase through the year 2020 and beyond, the Nebraska Department of Labor says. An aging population coupled with medical advancements make this a booming field.

Where are health service organizations?

The largest number of Omaha metro health services are located in Douglas County with 596, followed by Sarpy County with 72 and Pottawattamie County with 67, per the SalesGenie data.

Services performed

Health and wellness requires much more than hospitals and urgent care facilities. Home health care thrives in Omaha, as does physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Behavioral health services are also well-represented in the metro area.


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