First off, thanks to a DVR glitch (thanks Cox, not only does your internet sporadically reset itself so that I have to cycle my router every 2-3 hours WHILE WORKING FROM HOME, but your DVR sometimes decides to record a program from 6:59 pm to 6:59 pm), I JUST watched last week’s “Community.” I have to say a few words, even though it has NOTHING to do with what I’m about to talk about.

THIS IS THE SMARTEST SHOW ON TELEVISION. Last week’s episode, which was nowhere near the funniest or most enjoyable, solidified the fact that it is not just the most clever, creative comedy on TV. Oh no, it’s the SMARTEST SHOW on television. Sorry people-who-think-a-show-has-to-be-dour-and-mean-to-women-in-order-to-be-valuable…and sorry “30 Rock,” who just got bumped to second place on the smart show big board. Facts are facts, and after watching a brilliant visual essay on post-postmodernism, “Community” is unparalleled. Not only was it a wink-and-nod at how the show has evolved into non-stop wink-and-nodding, but it tackled issues of naval-gazing filmmakers and blasted close-minded religious folks AND hard-headed atheists…before AFFIRMING the power of filmmaking and creating and embracing those committed to religious beliefs and atheists who are just doing what they believe. That’s in a 22-minute COMEDY that also had a pretty funny subplot. It also had the two best lines of dialogue on television this year.

In second place: Said in reference to the time it takes to decipher complex meta-meta-meta filmmaking – “I mean, come on Charlie Kaufman, some of us got work in the morning.”

In first place: This is just too great. “The Bible has been called the greatest story ever told.” “Ben Lyons said the same thing about I Am Legend .” – Folks, it DOES NOT get better than that.

Long, long, long, unrelated aside now complete. Watch “Community” or you’re dead to me.

Okay, now the news I’ve come here to tell you. Darren Aronofsky wants to direct a movie about this guy.

Okay, not really. But kind of. See that IS Marvel Comic’s Machine Man. And Aronofsky is directing a movie about Machine Man. Just not that Machine Man. Supposedly, the auteur is climbing behind the camera to direct a movie based on a novel that was released a page a day online. It’s about a guy who replaces his body parts with metal. It sounds very Chuck Pahlaniuk-meets…well, Darren Aronofsky. It seems like a really good fit. The big issue this morning was that people were kind of confused how that would fit in with his current task of directing Wolverine 2 . That was the moment at which most people realized, “Hey, we still haven’t officially heard Aronofsky is directing Wolverine 2 .” It’s been assumed, talked about, discussed, and even mentioned by the lead actor (Hugh Jackman), but we have yet to see official confirmation that the man signed on to direct a trainwreck…I mean, quality superhero film for 20th Century F-you. Chances are, he’s just putting another film in the hopper, queuing it up for when he’s finished with the mega-budget bonanza that nobody needs. Then again, maybe he’s hedging his bets. I’m guessing the sticking point on that Wolvie 2 contract ain’t money. I’m guessing it’s a “Please don’t force me to f**k up my movie at the last minute” clause, guaranteeing the studio can’t come at him in the 11th hour with a note like “What if Wolverine suddenly could fly and fought Megan Fox?” Until they’ve worked out every issue, I remain leery that a guy who has yet to make even a modestly budgeted major studio film is going to agree to be their lap dog. We shall see. At least he has a backup if they balk.

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