• The question “Remember when the president incarcerated a bunch of people in horrific fashion?” can now be answered with “Which president?” So it seems like a good time for Film Streams and The Middle East Cultural and Educational Services (MECES) of Omaha, the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) Omaha Chapter and the Immigrant Legal Center to present a screening of And Then They Came for Us. On Tuesday, Nov 13 at 7 pm, the documentary about the time we locked 120,000 Japanese Americans in cages will be shown, with a post-show discussion that’s likely to be as depressing as it is important. The documentary is framed through the perspective of Japanese American activists speaking out against the recent Muslim registry and travel ban. As the saying goes, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme, mostly with curse words…
  • On Tuesday, Nov 13 at 7 pm, you can head to the Alamo Drafthouse and ask “Why would you do that again on purpose?” to Greg Sestro, an actor who has now made two movies with Tommy Wiseau. Best F(r)iends, which Sestro also wrote, seems like it should prompt a Q&A session with a therapist, but you’ll have a chance to ask him all the questions a licensed medical professional probably should. I kid. I’m sure that watching all 203 minutes of both volumes of this film is not anything like the definition of insanity.
  • The latest rumors have Richard “Don’t Google Him If You Aren’t Caught Up on Game of Thrones” Madden as the favorite to take over for Daniel Craig after this next 007 jaunt, set to be directed by Cary Fukunaga for now. Although the thought of Fukunaga directing Bond after watching Maniac on Netflix tickles my license to kill, I believe it’s going to happen about as much as I believe Madden will put on either of the double Os. Madden would be a boring, expected choice for a franchise that needs to get modern or get left behind. That said, the producers came out and said they basically want to keep their misogynistic money pig exactly the same in terms of casting, so maybe Madden will don a tux and confuse women for plot devices soon. At least it can’t be any worse than what Piers Morgan said after seeing Craig carrying his baby in a papoose.

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