They’re coming. Again. It was announced that starting in 2012, George Lucas is re-releasing a Star Wars movie into theaters one at a time (once a year)…and they’re going to be in 3D. Oh, and they’re starting with The Phantom Menace . So, starting in 2015, they’re re-releasing Star Wars . Look, it is what it is, right? We knew this was coming, we knew that Lucas would find a way to get more money out of us, and we knew 3D would be involved, because instead of finding a new story to tell with new technology, it’s much lazier and easier to retrofit something that’s ALREADY DONE and just cash in on it. It is a business move, as everything Lucas has done for the last 3 decades has been, and has nothing to do with fans, creativity, or art. And we’re going to see them. We are. Maybe not in the droves and waves that we have in the past, but we are going to go watch them. Because watching this series on the big screen makes us feel good. It’s why there are one-man shows about Star Wars , puppet reenactments, comics, cartoons, and so on. As much as it disgusts me about myself, I know that I’ll go see these on the big screen because I am still drawn like a moth to the flame that will burn me. Who cares? At some point we have to be beyond the shock, right? We have to have realized what the game is and accept it anyway, right? Lucas is lazy, marginalizes his own previous work by continuing to diddle it, and bilks the fans who made him everything he is while insulting us. We can either become angry and totally reject him and the series, or accept it and move on. I’m in the latter group. So, yep, this is annoying and stupid…and expected.

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