Sorry this is so late today, guys, but I was up until almost 4 in the morning last night and I’m currently a little compromised. And by compromised I mean I’ve been yelling at demons that have been dancing on my computer monitor that I’m beginning to believe are just figments of my imagination and OH MY GOD THERE’S ONE RIGHT NOW! BACK FOUL BEAST!!!

Where was I? Oh, right, blog stuff. The most interesting development in the last 24 hours is that Bloody Disgusting (a great site) has discovered that the lead in The Crow remake has been offered to someone who is great with animals.

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As much as I loved Mark Wahlberg’s remake of The Crow when it was called Max Payne , and by “loved” I mean at least it had Mila Kunis looking trashy, this seems like a terrible idea. I don’t need The Crow to be Boston-emo, which is like, wicked sad. Sure he has the rage and abs to pull the part off, but I was hoping for someone with a little more gravitas, a little more talent, a little less having-appeared-in- The Happening . I’m already dubious of this entire remake debacle, but this is definitely not the way to get things rolling.

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