Good Monday morning, folks! I would like to congratulate you on your weekend, but you came in no better than second place. Why? Because I absolutely dominated this weekend, from the multiple projects finished to the relaxation of Sunday football, my alarm clock this morning may as well have just played Queen’s “We are the Champions.” Except “we” aren’t, I am. So it probably should have played something by Kanye, because that’s who you play for self-obsessed jams.

Another programming note, I will be having a discussion at UNO today with good friend Adam Tyma’s class. We’ll chat about alternative media and such, and I may get off a few good Vikings jokes before the Bears are trounced tonight by the Packers, dashing my opportunity to mock him. I’ll link to the discussion afterward, as he’s putting it online…unless I embarrass myself, then you’ll never hear about this again.

Speaking of never being heard from again, the Harry Potter gang is quickly moving their first post- Potter projects into order, with fears that they may slide into obscurity never to be heard from again. Don’t pity them, provided they don’t have money managers that just got laid off from Lehman Brothers, they’re going to be just fine with their hundred million dollars. First up with a project is someone who you’d have thought had several films outside of the Potter-dome already.

Emma Watson, best known as Hermione Granger, has gone from “aw-look-at-that-cute-widdle-girl” to object of inappropriate attention from nearly all quandrants of the Interwebs. Seriously, y’all will want to flick on that “strict search” Google feature before searching her name, lest you discover the true power of photoshop and hormones. Hermione…oops, Emma will star in My Week With Marilyn , presumably not as Marilyn, though I’m pretty sure photoshop could do that too. It’s her first major role and is the winner between the competing Marilyn Monroe biopics that were floating out there. Michelle Williams will play Marilyn (good choice, actually) and Kenneth Branagh will play Sir Laurence Olivier. Emma will play…someone unspecified. Look, the girl is going to a major American college, has clearly wisely invested her money, and is intending on having the type of career where she won’t be signing greasy-haired dude’s buttcheeks at convention centers in 20 years. I admire that.

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