Today we had a battle of opposing comments from creative contributors of comic cinema.

Joss Whedon, while considering how to direct (and write) The Avengers , noted that with his talented cast and character-based style, he wanted to “put them all in a room and have them do Glengarry Glen Ross.” Ha! How clever! That incredibly insightful guy who clearly “gets” what’s going on just reassured me and millions of others that he sees this as an actor’s movie, as a dialogue-based encounter, as something he is perfectly suited for.

Then you have Greg Berlanti. He wrote the first draft of The Green Lantern (and was set to direct it). He also turned in a draft for The Flash . He also directed Life as we Know it, the new movie with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Oh, and he created “No Ordinary Family.” Ruh roh. Then he said that The Flash was influenced by him thinking about Silence of the Lambs and Se7en . And that it was more The Dark Knight than anything. This is The Flash he’s talking about. The fast guy. Who runs and stuff. So we have a respected comic talent for Marvel putting his film in context of a famous play by a brilliant writer and a guy from DC on a press junket for a Katherine Heigl romantic comedy talking about how The Flash is like Se7en . DC was TOTALLY right when they said they don’t feel pressure to do things like Marvel. Things like “make good decisions.”

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