Well, you can’t call a first-place finish for a sequel that’s more than 13 years in the making a disappointment, even if it was a tiny win. I mean, the success isn’t exactly Affleckian (see how I do for you, Ben, I’m trying to make your name into an adjective for awesome), but it was a non-disappointment. Wall Street 2: Financial Boogaloo will likely drop off precipitously now, but hey, it won’t be viewed as a flop. Oliver Stone’s first sequel was also his first number one hit in a long, long time. In other news, America hates owls. At least ones that stab each other. And Betty White love or no Betty White love, nothing could save a generic movie like You Again . In other news, though, how about STRONG holds for Easy A and The Town , both dipping in the 35% range. That’s kick-ass word of mouth for two kick-ass movies. Enough non-poetic talk, let’s haiku this bitch.

1.) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – $19 million (Accuracy of prediction – 89.5%)

Money doesn’t sleep

because it isn’t alive.

This title is dumb.

2.) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole – $16.5 million (Accuracy of prediction – 89.5%)

So, “no” on the owls?

Kids don’t LIKE to pee themselves.

I mean, sure, SOME do.

3.) The Town – $16 million (Accuracy of prediction – 97%)

Keep on chugging, Ben!

I love a good redemption!

You lucky butt chin!

4.) Easy A – $10.5 million (Accuracy of prediction – 83%)


I told you you would love it!

Now tell all your friends.

5.) You Again – $8 million (Accuracy of prediction – 65%)

No love for this crap.

We may all love Kristen Bell,

but just not this much.

Overall Accuracy of Prediction -85%

This should be higher,

but Betty White screwed me up!

Stupid Betty White!!!

Okay, that’s it folks, see you tomorrow for more fun and adventures.

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