A New Start for Mouth of the South

MotS owner finds footing and prepares to reopen. Plum Creek Farms on the Market

Plum Creek Farms

You may know Plum Creek from their name flashing as a poultry supplier for most of your favorite local restaurants, from the Omaha Farmer’s Market, or from your personal CSA with the small farm. Soon, however, you will know them as your favorite local-grower owned market. Plum Creek Farms Countryside Market is in the final stages of preparation, and plans an official opening on October 1st. The shop will be open Wednesday through Friday from 10am to 7pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 5pm. Be sure to follow Plum Creek Farms Countryside Market on Facebook
Located at 26902 West Center Road

Mouth of the South

For those desperately missing Mouth of the South, your wait is nearly over! The new West Omaha location is weeks out from their grand reopening. After a fire closed the original location in the historic Florence neighborhood, owner Ryan Earnst reopened at a new brick and mortar on Ames Avenue in September of 2018. Less than a year and a half later, Earnst announced that he would once again be closing, this time focusing all of his attention on starting fresh at a new location. That new location has fought the pandemic to continue moving forward, and that diligent work is about to pay off. Follow Mouth of the South on Facebook for hiring opportunities, opening dates, and photos of the foods you have loved and missed.

16909 Lakeside Hills Plaza


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