Bellevue Proves to be Gretna Strong

Area Restaurants Reach Out to a Greiving Community

After the devastating loss of four young lives rocked the Gretna community, families are holding tighter than ever before. Friends, families, and strangers have come together to show support and love for the students who lost friends, and the families who lost daughters and sisters. Now, local businesses are reaching out to help ease the financial burden.

This week, several local restaurants will be donating a portion of Thursday’s proceeds to the 5 families involved in the accident. The Reader will do our best to keep the list updated as additional opportunities are made known.

B&B Classic Dogs
Golden Bowl
Djs Dugout
Uptown Bakery
Grecian Gyros

**Papa Reno’s will donate a portion of proceeds earned on Wednesday, June 26 to the cause

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