Breakfast of Food Champions

Saving Grace Hosts Breakfast and a Chat With Anna Curry. Grey Plume Provisionally Consolidates Assets.

Saving Breakfast

On February 12th, join Saving Grace at The Enterprise Center of Omaha at 8am for coffee, tea, and a light breakfast. The event is an opportunity to hear from Anna Curry expand on food appreciation, and the joy of dining. This is the start of the breakfast series “Food for Thought”. RSVP at 402-202-5405 or by emailing Tracy@SavingGraceFoodRescue.Org 

Don’t Feel Grey


Provisions by Grey Plume will no longer be operating as a separate entity from Grey Plume. The retail shop sold jams and jarred provisions, as well as hosting cooking lessons and demonstrations, allowing you to cook like your favorite local chef. The reason for the closure is no cause for alarm, as the restaurant itself has simply remodeled to accommodate the stock, and you can still purchase all of your favorite Plumage right in the restaurant. 

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