Cookies, Carols & Cocoa

Omaha Culinary Tours offers some pretty impressive tours throughout the year, but the Cookies, Carols & Cocoa tour is just about as “holiday” as you can get without wearing a Santa costume. Ride the bus, look at lights, and sample a bunch of pastries and cocoa from local vendors. Tickets are $35 but act quickly as these tours sell out fast.!cookies-carols-and-cocoa-holiday-ligh/cnpj

The Tipping Tree

If you visit El Vallarta Restaurant in La Vista this holiday season you might notice a small Christmas tree decorated with cash. They’re calling this the “tipping tree” and ask customers to add a dollar or two when they visit. On Christmas Eve, the staff will have a drawing to see who wins all the cash. It’s certainly an interesting idea, but no matter where you eat, don’t forget to tip generously throughout the holiday season whether you’re pinning it to a tree or leaving it for your server.

Local Brews for Less

The Crescent Moon Alehouse discounts their Nebraska brews every Wednesday. Whether you want it on tap, in a can, or in a bottle, you can enjoy Lucky Bucket, Zipline, Borgata and more for less than they usually cost when you indulge on Wednesdays.

1,000,000 Strong

Speaking of local beers, Nebraska Brewing Company recently celebrated the impressive milestone of releasing their 1,000,000th can of beer. The owner signed the can himself and says that the person who winds up buying the signed beer gets to bring it to Nebraska Brewing Company and trade it in for a Reserve Series Bottle.

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