Pauli’s Plans a Playback- Opening Doors Soon at Aksarben Village

Seeds Goind the way of the Stegasaurus. 93% of Veg Now Extinct

Pauli’s returns to Aksarben Village

Former World Series Haunt and popular college bar Pauli’s has found new life and a new home. The bar was a staple of Omaha Nightlife for more than three decades, but exited the scene in 2013. After a few false-starts, owner Paul Griego is excited to open Aksarben’s own ‘neighborhood bar’ this fall. Griego is excited to bring a cleaner feel to his neighborhood bar atmosphere.

Pauli’s Bar

Coming Soon to Aksarben Village

Seed Extinction

It doesn’t always take a meteor, ice age, or violent act of God to cause mass extinction on our little blue ball. Sometimes it only takes a few greedy scientist growers licensing rights to seed variety. 93% of seeds that once represented our fruits and vegetables have gone extinct in less than 100 years. With close to 50% (and growing) of all seeds being owned by Franken-Farmers like Monsanto, what can we do to stop the dying out of heirloom and organic variety? Use your dollars to vote local and go to to learn more!

Pitching a Fundraiser

College of Saint Mary Soccer has partnered with Pitch Pizzeria through the end of this month for their fall fundraiser. Purchase a $50 gift card and receive a $10 gift certificate for yourself! Purchase a $100 gift card and receive a $30 gift card. Get your holiday shopping done now and help College of Saint Mary’s Soccer Team! To purchase, contact Coach John Carlson at 402-934-4232, or .

College of Saint Mary’s Fall Fundraiser

In Collaboration with Pitch Pizzeria

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