With A Name Like Mmm, It Has To Be Good

Meal Prep Made Easy, La Festa's Fast Approach, And A Missing Ingredient

Meal Preppers Delight

If you are a passionate “clean” eater, a localvore, or a proponent of the gluten free movement, check out Mmm Real Eats. The “grocerant” offers an alternative for those who have a mind for healthy eating without the schedule that allows for hours of meal prep. The sensibly portioned meals can be picked up on site at 15611 West Center Road, or you can preorder for a party on their website at https://www.realeatsmeals.com/. The company adds a disclaimer that their food is packaged in a facility that does not meet FDA regulations to qualify as ‘gluten free’, so those with true allergies take heed. Vegetarian options are available and meals are packaged in BPA free recyclable containers. Locally sourced whenever possible, Mmm Real Eats has all of your healthy living needs covered!

MmmRealEats Grocerant

15611 West Center Road

This Session Of The Food Court Is Now In Order

Westroads Mall is in the process of completely retooling their food court in a full-on foodie facelift. This is no simple swapping of BK for Big Macs, but a huge elevation in the mall’s dining game. The team that brought you Plank, Blatt Beer and Table, Blue Sushi, Amsterdam Falafel, Bliss Bakery, and Aromas Coffee House are bringing their fresh flavors and upscale attitude to the table. Dante Pizza will collaborate with a new pizzeria that will open on-site, and a full-service bar will take up residency. This fresh take on mall dining will be open to the public in late 2015 and is a welcome change from the former chains.

Westroads Mall

10000 California Street

Italians Get Down

La Festa Italiana is fast approaching and tickets for the 3 day event are selling fast! Join The Italian American Heritage Society for 3 nights of food, dancing, fireworks, and fun! Advance tickets are $5.50 and are available at Rockbrook Camera, Kholls Pharmacy, and in-office at Il Palazzo while supplies last. Shuttle service will be available from Kelly Field and Uber is hooking you up with a free ride up to $20 with promo code RIDEMIA27. First time users only. It’s all happening September 4-6, so clear your Labor Day weekend!

La Festa Italiana

Il Palazzo 132 and Fort

Missing Ingredient?

Ingredient, the much loved Midtown eatery, was forced to close after failing Douglas County Health Inspection about a month ago. The restaurant reopened after addressing the Inspector’s concerns, but was closed again shorty after. The restaurant has confirmed that after 5 years at the location, they are closed for good. A sign on the restaurant reads: New Restaurant Coming Soon!

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