I daresay the only thing better than an ice cream shop is an ice cream shop offering a dizzying variety of flavors. Put that ice cream shop in Dundee, and you have something great.

eCreamery is something great indeed. The inside is bright and colorful without being overwhelming. Some of the art featured behind the counter was created by a local artist. Circles and bubbles appear to be the main motif, which certainly seems appropriate for a happy ice cream shop. The Dundee location is ideal because the area is already bustling with independent eateries. “We like the environment of Dundee,” says Becky App, one of the owners. “It has such a great energy. It’s a creative place where the people are friendly and are willing to be adventurous with food.” Co-owner Abby Jordan agrees.

Every day they offer at least 16 different flavors of ice cream, gelato and sorbetto and these flavors are rotated regularly. That means that the flavors you can get on Monday will probably be different from the flavors you can get on Tuesday. It seems to me this is an excellent excuse to eat ice cream at least twice a week, if not more.

If you’re wondering why this ice cream shop has a name that sounds an awful lot like a website, the answer is because the Dundee shop is merely a storefront for a much larger operation. eCreamery’s website offers customized ice cream across the United States. Customers can create their own flavor using the website’s tool or instead purchase a flavor already within eCreamery’s recipe books.

During my visit I tried the “Shark Bait” flavor, which is a sea salt caramel gelato featuring chocolate covered pretzels. It’s called Shark Bait because it’s one of four flavors featured in the “Shark Tank Sampler,” named to celebrate Abby and Becky’s September 21 appearance on the NBC show Shark Tank.

The gelato had a vibrant flavor to it in the sense that it tasted quite fresh. All the flavors blended beautifully together with none of them outshining the others. It did not taste as though it had been hastily processed or had been sitting around on a freezer shelf for a long time. Instead, this gelato tasted as though someone had put some thought into its creation and had taken the time to prepare it with care.

How do they decide on flavors? Abby and Becky both try to stay on top of current food trends and to incorporate these trends into their offerings. While I was there I sampled a piece of chocolate covered bacon, which they crumble and use in some of the ice creams. While I cannot make the claim to now be a fan of chocolate covered bacon, I can appreciate the fact that they offer this flavor for customers who like this sort of thing.

“A while back there was an ice cream store in Missouri that was putting cicadas into their ice cream,” says Becky. “People emailed us from all over asking about it.” She is quick to point out that while they usually say yes to customized requests, it’s not always possible. “We do some pretty crazy stuff, but not off-the-charts crazy.” Adds Abby, “It’s one thing if you’re asking for Cap’n Crunch, but we can’t say yes to everything.” For the record, cicada ice cream has never been offered at eCreamery and there are no plans in the future to add it to the roster of flavors.

They also experiment with different flavors regularly and pay attention to the custom orders the online customers request. “Our customers suggest flavors too,” says Abby. Both Abby and Becky have their favorite flavors, but these favorites change frequently as they develop new flavors.

Stop by and try one of the many flavors offered at eCreamery, or order online to send some iced goodness to someone elsewhere. “We can send ice cream as far as Hawaii,” says Becky. “We’ve done it before and it’s made it there safely every single time.”

5001 Underwood Avenue in Dundee, Phone:Local: 402.934.3888 Toll Free: 866.920.5344, Store Hours: Fri & Sat: Noon to 11p.m. Sun through Thurs: Noon to 10p.m., www.ecreamery.com.

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