When I first started asking people about their favorite French fries in the Omaha area I was ready to learn about a bunch of obscure places I’ve yet to visit featuring French fries that are prepared with an impressive variety of exotic herbs and spices. To the contrary, I was quite surprised that even some of the most foodie friends I have are quick to defend some of the more common fast food varieties available.

I did an informal, non-scientific poll among some of my friends to find out what their favorite French fry place is, and the overwhelming majority said Runza. “Runza is part of our fast food trifecta,” says Christine Williams. “A burger from Don & Millie’s, a shake from Culver’s and fries from Runza.”

Runza fries are crinkle-cut. Every time I’ve tried them, there was no shortage of salt sprinkled upon the fries. I think they’re relatively tasty, although a part of me wonders if folks are just such big fans of Runza that their knee-jerk reaction to any fast food-related question is “Runza! Runza! The answer is Runza!”

Smashburger also got high marks for their Smashfries, and this one I agree with when the fries are prepared properly. You only have to get one order of Smashfries prepared incorrectly to put you off these fries for life. These thinly-cut fries are also available as plain fries without all the extra flair that comes with the Smashfries.

More than one person sang the praises of the fries at Freddy’s. “Freddy’s with fry sauce,” says Cathy Curtis. “The best! Mouthwatering!” These fries are similar to Smashburger because they are thinly-cut. I haven’t yet tried the fry sauce, but according to those who love this sauce, I’m really missing out.

To combat the skinny fries at Smashburger and Freddy’s, Darrin Kimpson counters with the huge fries at Red Robin. “Red Robin’s steak fries are up there as well,” he asserts. Most people love that these fries are “bottomless,” meaning you can eat as many as you want. They’re steak fries, so they’re substantial, and then when you add two or three more servings you’re looking at some serious French fry action.

Five Guys was also mentioned more than once in my informal poll, but the Five Guys French fry train is one I simply can’t get on. I know plenty of people love these fries, but honestly, I don’t get it.

I was pleased when people started talking some sense and naming some of the less mass-produced French fries in town. When I asked Sara Locke her favorite French fry place in the area, her response was downright serious: “Amsterdam Falafel curry fries are the only possible answer to this question.”

Kyle Tonniges and some other folks also mentioned Dario’s for their “frites.” I let out a cheer when my personal favorite place for French fries in town was finally mentioned: Pitch Pizzeria . I know it sounds a little weird to head to a pizza place to get the best fries in town, but their truffle fries are ridiculously good. I happened upon these fries one day while meeting up with my friends for a quick lunch. My first

bite of these fries stopped me in my tracks and put all other French fries to shame, as far as I’m concerned.

Friends, don’t waste your time with mediocre French fries. Guard your taste buds. With so many great options for high quality, delicious fries, why bother with less than the best?

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