Corona, Covid-19, You Know What I Mean

Please go back and read this subhead to the tune of the Beach Boys’ Classic “Kokomo”.

No matter what rock you live under and no matter how much of an introvert you thought you were a month ago, things have changed very quickly for us all. What hasn’t changed is that restaurants are packed with stressed individuals functioning on a razor-thin margin. While many big businesses are feeling the sting, small ones are feeling the crush.

With the new country-wide regulation stating that gatherings should be less than 10 people, most restaurants have done away with dining in. There are a few thing you can do to stay fed, informed, and keep Omaha strong:

  • Follow us on Instagram @TheReaderOmahaDish where we have been maintaining a story highlight of closures and facilities adding pick up and delivery to their menu. Several have maintained their front of house by hiring them on as delivery drivers, so please go as far as you feel comfortable to keep these restaurants in business.
  • Many delivery services are postponing their commission. This allows restaurants who previously couldn’t afford membership to utilize apps and stay connected and in business a little longer.
  • Consider purchasing gift cards directly from restaurants. Purchasing them from the store means the bank holds onto the funds until the card is used, but purchasing from the restaurant will keep them afloat just a little longer.
  • In the mean time, try a few recipes at home! MyFridgeFood.Com allows you to list the ingredients you have and gives you options and recipes without having to go back to the store.
  • Follow Omaha Food Lovers on Facebook, where a running list of establishments offering pick-up corned beef and cabbage for St Paddy’s day is being maintained.

We all have our part to do, and Omaha is showing up like it always does. Thanks for coming to our city-wide pajama party, please enjoy your takeout!

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