I’m a big fan of the tastes of the holidays. Pumpkin, chocolate, mint, gingerbread…I’ll take them all! So when holiday flavors are added to cocktails, I pretty much lose my mind.

Instead of advising you to go to every bar and restaurant out there and drink up a storm, I did some research to narrow down the choices to give you a better idea of where you can find the best holiday drinks. So here’s a roundup of some of the holiday drinks you don’t want to miss this season followed by some tips from surviving the next day after indulging.

Brix at Midtown Crossing offers an adult version of a s’mores hot chocolate. This makes me very happy indeed.

Benson Brewery has a limited quantity available for their Christmas Chocolate Cherry Stout that was just released and I’m guessing it won’t last long.

Stories Coffeehouse tells me that their Winter Wonderland cocktail is their most popular holiday drink. It features Cinnabon-flavored vodka & gingerbread.

Farnam House Brewing Company just released their Winter Bock beer, which is a traditional German style beer that’s a dark, sweet malt that’s full-bodied.

Grey Plume doesn’t necessarily have a specific holiday drink right now, but they’re instead presenting a seasonal drink of the day based on what’s seasonal and available. So you won’t know what they’re serving until you go in that day and ask, but you can be sure that it’s going to be something that goes with this season. I don’t suppose anyone is surprised that this green restaurant would go this route, right?

That’s not to say that these drinks are all that’s out there, and believe me when I say that there are many more from which to choose. But at least you have some direction as to where you can go if you want to get your hands on some adult hot cocoa, or some seasonal beer, or whatever else appeals to you when it comes to holiday favors.

Drink too much?

David Zulberg, author of “The 5 Skinny Habits: How Ancient Wisdom Can Help You Lose Weight and Change Your Life Forever” told me that drinking alcohol can actually have health benefits if you do it right. But he also told me that the holidays are a time when some people drink too much, so I asked him for some tips on how to feel better the next morning after some holiday beverage indulgences.

Here’s what he advised:

1. Greasy breakfasts don’t help. In fact, he said a lighter breakfast –preferably eggs and toast – will help keep your stomach from getting too irritated. He also said that if you feel too gross to eat eggs and toast, try to eat some melon.

2. Drink a bunch of water. You might also try drinking some green tea.

3. Try to get a little bit of exercise in, but nothing too strenuous.

4. Sleep as much as you can.

He also told me that the idea of drinking alcohol in the morning to get rid of a hangover doesn’t work. He cautions that drinking to feel better after drinking might just lead to even more drinking, and that’s just a bad idea. It’s one thing to enjoy some holiday cocktails, but it’s another to wake up and reach for a beer every morning.

Speaking of bad ideas, don’t go drinking up a bunch of holiday cheer and then get behind the wheel and try to drive home. That’s not just a bad idea; it’s a very bad idea.

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