Omaha Hero Meal Train

Have you been asking yourself what you can do to support healthcare workers battling the pandemic? Are you already doing the following:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Wearing that mask over your nose and not under your chin
  • Washing hands
  • Washing reusable masks regularly
  • Staying home when possible

If you answered yes to all of the above and you are still not satisfied with your contribution, then you’re in luck. An area group is going the extra mile and providing meals to healthcare workers while supporting local restaurants. Omaha Hero Meal Train launched in April, allowing Omaha residents and businesses to send their support to front-line healthcare workers in the form of sponsored meals from local restaurants. Learn more about sponsoring a meal or supporting the cause by joining Omaha Meal Train on Facebook



Traditional Feast

Have you ever wondered what Omaha’s culinary masterminds consider a true holiday feast? You may be surprised what makes it onto the list of sacred holiday traditions for your favorite area chefs and restaurateurs! You can read about some of our favorite foodie friends’ trusted traditions right here in this month’s issue! Do you have a unique tradition you’d love to share? Drop us a DM on Instagram @TheReaderOmahaDish or email Sara@TheReader.Com to add your story to ours!

A Catered Christmas

You’re not running behind, time is an imaginary concept invented by man to control your schedule. But I mean, if you’re thinking you’ll have a hot catered meal in less than two weeks without getting your reservation in ASAP then ya. You are in fact running behind. Check back later today for our list of still-available reservations to have your holiday dinner dished! Is your restaurant or catering company not on our list? Email Sara@TheReader.Com to have it added right away!


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