When I spoke with Jessica Duggan of Kitchen Table they had just finished up their second full week of being open. Together with her husband Colin, this eatery has been their dream for years and she’s thrilled that everything has come together so nicely. “We always knew we were going to do this,” she says. “Everyone in the neighborhood has been really great.”

When she talks about the neighborhood, it’s not as if she’s not from around here. Granted, she and Colin spent a few years living in San Francisco after having grown up in Omaha, but it was the space where Kitchen Table now stands that lured them back. “We came back to visit last fall and fell in love with the spot. We moved back in February and made it happen.”

Let’s be clear here; it takes some real passion for food to make a decision to pick up and move in order to open up a brand new eatery. When a married couple follows their culinary dreams it could certainly turn out in a bunch of different ways, and in this instance it has proven to turn out quite well so far. “We’ve had a nice steady lunch crowd,” says Jessica. “We’re also doing one dinner each night, so we’re working on getting the word out about that.”

So what sets Kitchen Table apart? A few things – namely that this is one of the closest you’re going to get to homemade food without rolling up your sleeves and laboring for hours in your own kitchen. “We try to make everything for scratch,” says Jessica. “My husband bakes all the bread for all the sandwiches and makes all the sauces, so we just try to do scratch-made as much as possible.”

The tagline for Kitchen Table – Slow Food Fast – speaks to the culture of this place. This is a great place to get some great food when you simply don’t have the chutzpah to make it yourself. Jessica explains, “When you’re just out of time and energy and don’t want to pick up McDonald’s, it’s something you won’t feel bad about eating.” Most of the customers take the food to go and eat at home, but there is room for folks to dine-in. “We have some folks who want to eat here and they’re welcome,” she says. “We have a nice space, so whether you want to dine-in or order online before you head out from work to take home, you can. Swing in and we’ll have it ready for you.”

What about the food? Ah, the delicious food. The menu varies, although some items (such as the whole-bird sandwich, meatloaf sandwich, ants-on-a-log and deviled eggs) will likely be available regularly. Since they try to source locally whenever possible, this sometimes helps dictate what food shows up on the menu. Jessica explains that the seasons also help guide their menu.

I’ve seen some interesting food show up at Kitchen Table. One night it’s lasagna and the next night it’s a lentil loaf sandwich. Among Jessica’s personal favorites is the cauliflower jam. Customers also seem to enjoy the wine on tap and the house-made sodas.

If you’re looking for ambiance, you should know that the furnishings and woodwork have an interesting story behind them. It’s all reclaimed from wood that was once in a barn that belonged to Jessica’s family.

Kitchen Table is a real home away from home when you’re looking for some homemade meals without having to lift a finger to cook it yourself. Phone in your order, place an order online or stop by to get some delicious food.

1415 Farnam Street



Monday – Friday: 11:00 – 7:00

Sunday Brunch: 10:00 – 2:00

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