Nebraska’s Best Hole-in-the-Wall Named

Lincoln is home to the winning pick, and a dinner event makes room at the table for discourse

HiWay to the Hole in the Wall

Lifestyle has announced their choices for best Hole-in-the-Wall restaurant in each state. HiWay Diner in Lincoln was chosen as Nebraska’s number one with the Hot Stripper and the Stripper Sandwich. Three chicken strips on Texas Toast covered in sausage gravy. For your own peek at what the Stripper has to offer, visit HiWay at 2105 Highway 2 in Lincoln.


Dwell on it

“What we lack in ourselves, we often find in others and through their own sharing of their lives”
This is the philosophy upon with Dwell Dinners is built. An exclusive dinner engagement bringing civil discourse to the table. The menu is predominantly plant-based, intending to be as deeply nourishing as the connections made at the event. Tickets are few, and those who snag them know they need to make the time count. Learn about the events, upcoming dates and menus, and grab your tickets at Dwell Dinner & Co


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