My husband’s boss loves Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge, and not only because she lives right next to it in a fabulous loft, but because they have such an impressive, extensive wine inventory and really good food. So even though I’m not the biggest fan of wine (yeah, I know, I’m lame) I wanted to check it out for myself since I’m indeed a huge fan of good food.

Can we all just agree to move past the fact that I don’t really drink wine and get to the part where we talk about the food?

Granted, the drink selection at Nosh is quite dazzling. There are over 100 wines from which to choose and there are also mixed drinks and beers available. I should mention that the beer isn’t on tap and is only available from bottles, but hey – it’s a wine bar, not a brewery.

Chill and Sip

The ambiance of Nosh just screams, “Here, have a seat. Stay a while and sip something while you chat.” While there are tables near the entrance and at the bar, comfortable seating is present throughout the dining area along the walls. There’s also a really snazzy seating area a bit away from the bar that is separate from everything else. This is where you would sit if you just want to enjoy a drink and hang out with your friends. My guess is the configuration of this seating area changes frequently, with people moving seats around to accommodate their groups and have conversation without having to shout over the sound of other people.

I like the look of the décor too. I know that décor doesn’t make or break a restaurant, but if the place is already good, the décor can take it to the next level, which I think is what’s happening at Nosh.

The Food

I got to try a variety of their food offerings and everything was fresh and good. I hear that Nosh, like many other Omaha area restaurants, strives to offer local-sourced farm-to-table ingredients when possible, and this was apparent in the food I sampled. Simply put, it sure didn’t taste as though anything had spent any time in a can before it made it to my plate.

My favorites were the Margherita Flatbread , the Nosh Sliders and the Spinach & Artichoke Dip. Oh, that dip. I had about three servings too many of that dip because I just didn’t want the experience to end. I’d never had spinach and artichoke dip that featured crispy prosciutto before, and up until this point if you had asked me if this particular flavor combination would work I may not have endorsed it. But this worked. It didn’t matter what I ate the dip with –sliced veggies, crispy bread, whatever. It was all good.

I also have to mention that the sliders were a pleasant surprise because they were so substantial despite their petite size. One might look at the slider and think, “There’s no way that wee little slider is going to satisfy my hunger,” but it turns out that Nosh packs a whole bunch of stuff into that slider. Kobe ground beef, prosciutto, Havarti and truffle aioli are all packed into this tiny burger, but it sure doesn’t feel tiny.

The Prosciutto Fiends

You probably noticed that nearly everything I mentioned has prosciutto in it, and looking at their menu it sure seems to be a prevalent ingredient in most of their dishes. Luckily, the prosciutto makes sense in all these dishes and doesn’t overpower anything. Still, I can’t help but wonder if the staff sips on wine and gnaws on prosciutto in between their shifts, because those seem to be the two most available things at Nosh.

Service was great, the ambiance was comfortable, and the food was delicious. The drink selection is impressive. All in all, Nosh is sure worth a visit, especially if you want to eat, drink, and hang out with your friends.

Nosh Restaurant and Wine Lounge

1006 Dodge Street

Open Daily at 11:00 a.m.

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