Omaha’s Top 13 Cocktail Hours

The second of three installments on cocktails in Omaha examines our favorite part of the day, happy hour.

Note: It’s always a good idea to call ahead if you have your heart set on a particular item.


13. Krug Park

When to go: Sun noon-4pm

What’s on special: 11 variations on the Bloody Mary ($1 off), Mimosas ($3)

Why we like it: Krug rocks a weekday happy hour too, but the time to go is “Bloody Sunday.” These drinks – made with perfectly seasoned tomato juice and a host of garnishes – are extra bang for your buck, since they can double as breakfast.

6205 Maple St,, 402-932-0038

12. LIV Lounge

When to go: Daily 3-7pm, Sun 4pm-2am

What’s on special: All drinks ($1 off)

Why we like it: LIV’s impressive menu features something for everyone, from Salty Dogs to Sazeracs.

2285 S 67th St,, 402-884-5410

11. The Trap Room

What’s on special: Watch Facebook for announcements.

Why we like it: The interior feels like part hunting lodge and part Brady Bunch living room. To add to the ‘70s quirk, this brand-new bar in the old American Apparel space has Margaritas on tap.

733 N 14th St,, 402-505-9368

10. Ponzu Sushi & Grill

When to go: Daily 3-6pm, Fri and Sat 10pm-midnight 

What’s on special: Cocktails ($5.50), small plates and sushi rolls ($3-8), plus beer, wine, and sake specials

Why we like it: Creations like the Stormy Ginger are great alone or paired with Ponzu’s seafood and sushi dishes.

2110 S 67th St,, 402-614-7757

9. The Lauter Tun

When to go: Thurs 4pm-midnight

What’s on special: Select craft cocktails (1/2 off)

Why we like it: This West Omaha outpost is best known for its stunning selection of craft beer, but they also make a great French 75.

3309 Oak View Dr, #102,, 402-934-6999

8. Pageturners Lounge

When to go: Daily 4-7pm

What’s on special: All drinks ($1 off)

Why we like it: Come for the stiff drinks, like The Farmer Dave or Pageturner, and stay for the free tacos on Tuesday nights (after 7pm). Rinse with a little sangria. Repeat next week.

5004 Dodge St,, 402-933-3973

7. The Library Pub

When to go: Wed noon-2am

What’s on special: Fine spirits ($1 off)

Why we like it: Perfect place to get comfy – too comfy? – with a single-malt Scotch or Boulevardier cocktail, and a good book.

5142 N 90th St,, 402-571-6262

6. Pitch Coal Fire Pizzeria

When to go: Mon 3:30-6pm, Tues-Sat 3-6pm

What’s on special: Select cocktails ($5), select appetizers ($5), plus beer and wine specials

Why we like it: The happy hour list of oldies-but-goodies (Cosmos, Martinis) is just a glance at what this bar is capable of, but the drinks go mighty fine paired with the Calabrese Meatball appetizer. For wine, the Monday and Tuesday night $30 “pizza & bottle” special is unrivaled.

5021 Underwood Ave,, 402-590-2625

5. Plank Seafood Provisions

When to go: Mon-Sat 3-6:30pm, Sun noon-8pm, Fri and Sat 10:30pm-midnight, at the bar

What’s on special: Nautical-themed cocktails ($4), spiked lemonades ($6), small plates ($3.50-12), plus beer and wine specials

Why we like it: Sip on a vodka-spiked peach nectar lemonade on a summer day and maybe you’ll understand.

1205 Howard St,, 402-507-4480

4. House of Loom

When to go: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, 5:30-8:30pm

What’s on special: A select martini and a manicure from Sirens Salon for $15.

Why we like it: This deal is a steal! If manicures aren’t your thing, keep an eye on their Facebook page for rotating craft cocktail specials.

1012 S 10th St,, 402-505-5494

3. Brix – Midtown Crossing

When to go: Mon-Sat 3-6pm

What’s on special: Select cocktails ($6), appetizers ($4-8), plus beer and wine specials

Why we like it: Their newly anointed craft cocktail list – complete with a fabulous Moscow mule – is sure to get a workout this summer on the huge patio overlooking Turner Park.

220 S 31st Ave,, 402-991-8466

2. IO Street

When to go: Mon-Sat 5-7pm

What’s on special: Menu cocktails ($2 off), small plates ($1 off), plus beer and wine specials

Why we like it: Cocktail expert Binoy Fernandez is becoming something of a legend in the Old Market. Order a Last Word and ask for the story behind it.

1010 Howard St,, 402-342-4856

1. J. Coco

When to go: Mon-Fri 4-6pm

What’s on special: Classic craft cocktails ($5), snacks ($6), plus beer and wine specials

Why we like it: Time-honored staples like the Manhattan are best enjoyed in this 1920s-era building, which was revamped last year.

5203 Leavenworth St,, 402-884-2626


Next month, we’ll be taking a look at the future of craft cocktails in Omaha and beyond. 

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