Swine Dining

Swine Dining This swine is mighty fine. By Tamsen Butler I really like BBQ, but only when it’s done right. If you hand me a slab of substandard meat and smother it with some sickly sweet sauce designed for nothing more than to mask the fact that you’re handing me a slab of substandard meat, then I will scowl at you. Ask my husband and he will likely tell you that my scowl is to be avoided at all costs. So when I visited Swine Dining in Bellevue I was prepared for one of two outcomes: either I would leave scowling, or I would instead be eager to tell you about how great this place is and urge you to try it out. Luckily, there was no scowling whatsoever with Swine Dining. I was told about this place by some military friends of mine, and once I stepped foot in the establishment at the height of the lunch hour it was obvious that this BBQ place is incredibly popular with all the folks at nearby Offutt. I hadn’t sat in the same room eating a meal with so many people in uniform since I was in basic training. Honestly, the only reason I can think of to ever dissuade you from coming here to eat is if you are anti-BBQ or if you have a weird aversion to people in uniform. Let me rewind to when I first arrived at Swine Dining. The only parking I could find was street parking (I was later told there’s a small parking lot behind the restaurant) so when I pulled up there were other people climbing out of their cars too, and it kind of felt like we were all heading into a friend’s house for a weekend BBQ party. That’s the feel of this place; it’s incredibly casual and quite friendly. When you walk into Swine Dining there’s a wall of paper menus where you mark what you want and hand the menu over to the cashier. This is a fairly easy process since the lunch menu pretty much consists of a sandwich (chicken, pork or brisket) and two sides. They offer more selections during the dinner hours. I ordered a chicken sandwich, fries and a cornbread muffin. This was all reasonably priced at under $7. After surveying the room and realizing that you just sit wherever you can find a spot to sit, I nabbed a booth and waited for my food, which came out quickly. There are two BBQ sauces to choose from at the table: mild or hot. I squeezed a relatively small amount of the mild sauce on my sandwich while I wondered to myself how I would eat this sandwich in a ladylike manner, what with it being so stuffed with chicken. The initial dainty bites I took were quickly replaced by ravenous beast-like bites as I realized how great this all tasted. The initial pensive squirt of sauce was quickly replaced by a real dousing of the sauce; I loved how it wasn’t too sweet and did not have the taste of a hastily-created sauce. It tasted like someone really took their time to make it right. The sides were good too – in particular, the cornbread muffin was exceptional – but the sandwich itself was my favorite part of the meal. I managed to pull myself away from devouring the sandwich long enough to pause and have a look at how other customers were reacting to their food. Swine Dining seems to have a steady following and nobody seemed to be a stranger to the food. Everyone else enjoyed their meals and seemed in good spirits. This eatery is just an upbeat place, which I think has something to do with how it feels like a BBQ over at a friend’s house. The plastic utensils and disposable plates probably help that vibe too. Check out Swine Dining when you’re ready for some really tasty BBQ. Word to the wise: don’t be afraid to get sauce all over your hands. 204 East Mission Avenue, Bellevue 402-292-7427 www.swinediningbbq.com Tuesday – Wednesday: 11AM-2PM Thursday: 11AM-8PM Friday – Saturday: 11AM-9PM Sunday – Monday: Closed

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