The Switch Announces Opening

After Months of anticipation, get ready to make The Switch

Lifting Restrictions

As of next Monday, most restrictions will be lifted in much of the state, in spite of a steady increase in the number of active cases. Restaurants will have relaxed guidelines, including permissions to seat groups of up to eight, and utilization of bar seating. Ricketts posits that with hospital capacity holding steady, it’s time to progress the opening of the state. Restaurants are still offering curb-side and pickup to help high-risk individuals avoid exposure, and all precautions will continue to be taken.


The Switch

Just in time for the lifted restrictions, the new food hall near Blackstone is ready for business. Monday, June 22nd marks The Switch Grand Opening. Tenants include  Ansel’s Pastrami and Bagels, The Bubbly Tart, El Arepon Venezuela Food, M Squared, Piatto di Pasta, Red Lantern and Infusion Brewing Company.
For additional details on each establishment, social distancing guidelines, and


We may or may not have gone on a bit of a tangent over the exorbitant fees delivery services inflict on the (often unwilling) restaurants they deliver for. UberEats has given us yet another reason to speak their name. In a strongly worded email sent to customers, UberEats CEO Dara Khosrowshahi voiced her support for the BLM movement, promising to waive fees for Black owned restaurants. UE went as far as to dedicate a search function specifically to direct customers to these establishments, and saw their stock rise considerably as a result. User reports indicate, however, that these restaurants are still being charged up to 30% by UberEats, and in some areas tacking on an additional “executive order fee” that is passed along to the customer.
The Reader will continue to monitor the situation and bring you updates, but in the mean time, consider saving yourself and the establishment the cost by ordering curbside pickup.

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